Untitled Valentine Wishes

❤ ❤ ❤

I am the lucky recipient of a beautiful Valentine poem written by a wonderful friend and member of my Writers’ Group, Joan Harder. She has the uncanny ability to rhyme her poetry and make it flow and make lovely sense—all at the same time. I had to share my good fortune with you all and I echo her sentiment in the last line of her poem. It was Untitled:

The snow is falling gently, the temperature is chilly,
And sending out warm greetings at first seemed rather silly.
Today it’s -6C. but plunging every day,
to -15 Monday and windy so they say.
So find a cosy sofa, and grab a quilt for cover,
and cuddle up with chocolate, and arms around your lover!!!
Or, if that’s not your style, then spend some time with friends
And make sure to send greetings before the 14th ends.

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends and loved ones.

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What Next?


Winter’s grip relaxed

Momentarily on pause

Mystery awaits…………

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A Positive Spin

trying to capture the faerie lights a glisteni...

faerie lights a glistening in the snow (Photo credit: joysaphine)

Winter wonderland

Glistens, sparkles, dances, shimmers~  

My glass is half full.

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Sometime You Just Have to Have Faith

English: A snow covered path at Hawkbatch, Wyr...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snow crisp underfoot

Leaves no tracks; no evidence

That Santa was here

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Winter Fantasy


Winter-fairy (Photo credit: eivindw)

Whimsical fairies

Flit through frozen white snowflakes

Wings ice~encrusted.

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First Snow

First Snow!!! :)))

First Snow! (Photo credit: Denis Collette.)

The thin white layer

Barely covers the fall leaves

First snow of season.

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Spiral Birds and Blooms: 2nd Chiyogami Series

Spiral Birds and Blooms (Photo credit: so_jeo)


Mid-March hesitates

Lion yawning, lamb awaits

Spring plays hide and seek.



Mixed snow and rain, icy cold

Where is soft sweet spring?


True bliss is patience

Icicles will drip and melt

Giving way to blooms.

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Weekend Bliss

English: Looking down a rural dirt road after ...

Snow covered trees dressed in winter bling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Winter Bliss~

Snow gently settles on fragile branches

Clothing bare branches

stripped of leaves by the season;

Dressing them in winter bling.


This little “poem of sorts” by a self-described “poet of little merit” (me, in case you were wondering) was inspired by yesterday’s lovely snowfall. There was no howling wind. Big puff balls of snow lazily fell out of the sky, covering the dull brown earth and dormant grass. It turned a world of cold days, blustering winds, and bundled to the nose weeks into an instant, if fleeting winter wonderland.


Friends (us someday) (Photo credit: aftab.)

I was invited to lunch with two friends whom I have known for decades. We ate a lovely lunch and settled in the living room which featured a large window looking out over a tiny forest of trees made fragile due to old age. The trees in spring and summer show their age as many no longer wear their leaves of youth, but in the winter snow they were transformed to their youthful beauty.

Sips of tea (okay it was really wine), convivial conversation, laughter, and a fond but sad parting made for a wonderful February Saturday afternoon when troubles were momentarily forgotten.

What is your favourite way to unwind and enjoy friends?

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Space to Think

I have a very serious addiction. I love magazines–their stories, the hints they provide on making your life the “best ever” particularly at Christmas time, the fashions, and yes, even the ads–which if you pay attention are quite artistic.

A Christmas Snow

A Christmas Snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up very early this morning and did not want to crawl out from under my warm covers, so I picked up a copy of “Real Simple” from my bedside table, and found these words from photographer, Cig Harvey, in answer to the question: “What makes your life simple?”

He said: ” When I’m driving in the snow, I often think about the relief and joy that I’ll feel when I get home. I love the way the world falls quiet during a snowstorm and the house becomes almost a separate planet, with the space to think, create, organize and reflect.”

I love these sentiments. Although we have had no snow yet this season (a few flakes does not count) I await the first lovely snow with much anticipation. I still love the snow (though I wish it would avoid the roads) and the cozy feeling you get looking out your front window while holding a warm drink, with the space to think and reflect.

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