Zenku #194

Zen Kettle

Bed of lettuce

instead of rice

Weightless colour

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I deeply and with all my essence believe this…………

Live & Learn


Why, it might be asked, does literature have to have a business at all? Is it not sufficient that it give pleasure, convey information, widen experience, provide flashes of insight? One reads the world’s finest novels, plays, poems, and in time one becomes a more cultivated person, which means somehow more refined, subtler, deeper, possibly even—though this might be pushing it—better. You are what you read; and culture, like heredity and cheap paint, rubs off.

~ Joseph Epstein, A Literary Education and Other Essays. Axios Press.

Notes: Image Source – Distant Passion

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Nanu, Nanu Mork

death took a genius
much too soon-
the good really do die young

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A Wish on the Supermoon


The warmth of the light

                emanating from my half-open front door

Rivalled last night’s supermoon.

One light was family, home, comfort~

The other mystical.


I wished a wish on the round full moon

                lightly misted with a wisp of clouds

The wish was the same one I have wished before

 One that perhaps  has already been granted~

I need to cherish it.


Note: August 9th was my mom’s birthday–she would have been 89 this year. I thought of her as I made my wish. I made the only wish that is worth making–that my family and friends be happy.





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Summer Sounds Last Night

There is a Folk Festival in my hometown this weekend at our lovely park. I live a mere block away and this is what the opening night sounded like to me:

Music gently wafts through the night air

Changes beat~

sound cracks through the darkness

Drumming into my brain

Not unwelcome.

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Castles in the sand ~

Imagination took flight

in our sandbox


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Go Out and Play

“Go out and play,”

Was my mother’s favourite refrain in the summer

So dutifully (as if I had a choice)

I would place a book under my shirt and in the waist of my shorts

And skulk out of the house, away from the big brown chair

I had adopted as my own and

climb my favourite tree

Then nestle into the crook of three thick branches

where the bark was smooth and welcoming~

I would while away the summer days

Shaded by the leaves; hidden in my lair

And go on adventures without setting foot on the ground.

Summer memories……………….


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 Hopping on my steed

I would wheel out of the driveway

And up the road

To destinations not unknown:

the creek, the corner store, a friend’s house ~

Warm summer breezes teasing my long hair

Into tangles that no comb could unravel

My arms and legs tanned where shorts and top ended.

I would ride by fields of corn and wheat

And feeling a little silly, talk to cows as they munched in the meadows

Their big brown eyes somehow understanding.

Sometimes I would have to pump and strain with wild delight

Chased by big dogs which had no chance of catching of me

As my fear made me strong, fast, invincible

I long for the days when freedom was as easy

As riding my red bike.

Summer memories……………………..

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Joy on the upswing

Happiness on the backswing

Hair trailing in the sand

As I leaned back to gain


arching to the sky

Rope thick and scratchy

Wood seat smoothed to a sheen ~

Childhood summersscreen-shot-2011-08-04-at-10-52-05-am

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Some Say Hawks are Sacred Birds~


Visionaries, carrying messages from the spirit world.
I think they are protectors.
Watching over me from up high.
Sometimes a thrill, they let me get close!
But quickly they fly.
Protecting the earth,
from the sky!
Cheers to you from the sacred Protectors~

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