Cold as ice
Snow brightly white
Bone chilling

It is darn cold in my neck of the woods. Often called the Sunparlour of Canada or the bananabelt we are experiencing days on end of arctic cold (I don’t care where it is coming from–arctic just sounds cold!)

Hope those of you who are in the cold too have found a way to keep warm. I personally do not want to stick my nose outside. For those of you in warmer climes, enjoy.

I think I will go crawl under some covers and read this last day of Christmas vacation.

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Not Been Here Awhile

Hello my blog friends–it has been a long time, but I thought I might pop back into this world that once made me so happy. And a couple of you (Kathy and Brigitte) have inspired me to come back with your beautiful and insightful words, and proof positive that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” David has been here all along every day with thoughtful (and often column inspiring) blogs and Julie has shared her life, her grief, and her journey back from the thing most of us fear–the loss of our significant other.

Although I have been inactive, I do read a lot of the blogs I once enjoyed even though I rarely comment. The main reason for this is that I read you on my phone, but for some reason I have not set it up so I can respond. Will have to ask Son#2 to rectify that.

I make no promises this time about keeping up my blog–it is a habit I dropped for life reasons, and many of those reasons still abound. But we shall see.

I feel very uninteresting of late, not even publishing my weekly newspaper column, so maybe that is where I will start. The paper takes a week off at Christmas, but my New Year’s column is in the hopper awaiting January 2nd so I will share it with you when the time comes. I have made a few resolutions–and one that I made but later erased as many who read my column are not really aware of the blog kingdom is that I am determined to “try” and keep up my blog this year.

If you see this, let me know you are still here. Just drop by and say hello….

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