Hide and Seek

I caught a whiff of spring yesterday ~
Efforts to capture its fleeting essence
Were for naught.
Freshness escorted by bird ballads
replaced by cold rain and squally winds.

Winds threaten spring again today ~
We are enrobed by a diaphanous cape of fog.
Spring plays hide and seek
But I will keep looking ~
even if I have to count to one thousand and sixty-two.

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Shiny Autumn

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves (Photo credit: Noël Zia Lee)

Rain slicked autumn leaves

Plastered to the grey sidewalks~

Kaleidoscope swirls.

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Rain Day

Rain days

Rain days (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

The sun does not peek

From behind angry grey skies

It is a rain day.

I secretly like rain days. I like the sound of the drops on my roof. I am not tempted to leave my work, but bend over it and diligently get it done. Then at the end of the day reward myself with the satisfaction I have a day well done under my belt.

Do you find bliss in rain days?

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A Cliché

English: Ho Hum Records Logo

English: Ho Hum Records Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is April

And it is raining

Ho hum.

(Brought to mind by that old saying: April showers bring May flowers.)

What clichés bring you bliss?

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Spiral Birds and Blooms: 2nd Chiyogami Series

Spiral Birds and Blooms (Photo credit: so_jeo)


Mid-March hesitates

Lion yawning, lamb awaits

Spring plays hide and seek.



Mixed snow and rain, icy cold

Where is soft sweet spring?


True bliss is patience

Icicles will drip and melt

Giving way to blooms.

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~ Devil’s Night ~

Ghost below the Sunset?

Ghost below the Sunset? (Photo credit: Scott M Duncan)



Cold and wet and rain

Wind, windier, windiest

Perfect devil’s eve

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Comforts ~ Day 15 or Rain


Raining (Photo credit: Wikipedia):

Three things I am thankful for today:

1. It is raining so I do not have to water the garden.

2. It is raining so my husband is getting a much-needed day off work.

3. It is raining—but not too much—no gales, no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no hail.  Just enough rain to leak into my front hall closet, but nowhere else. And I have a big bowl in there to catch it. So no biggy. Nothing like the people in the southern United States. So I am grateful.

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