Weekend Bliss

English: Looking down a rural dirt road after ...

Snow covered trees dressed in winter bling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Winter Bliss~

Snow gently settles on fragile branches

Clothing bare branches

stripped of leaves by the season;

Dressing them in winter bling.


This little “poem of sorts” by a self-described “poet of little merit” (me, in case you were wondering) was inspired by yesterday’s lovely snowfall. There was no howling wind. Big puff balls of snow lazily fell out of the sky, covering the dull brown earth and dormant grass. It turned a world of cold days, blustering winds, and bundled to the nose weeks into an instant, if fleeting winter wonderland.


Friends (us someday) (Photo credit: aftab.)

I was invited to lunch with two friends whom I have known for decades. We ate a lovely lunch and settled in the living room which featured a large window looking out over a tiny forest of trees made fragile due to old age. The trees in spring and summer show their age as many no longer wear their leaves of youth, but in the winter snow they were transformed to their youthful beauty.

Sips of tea (okay it was really wine), convivial conversation, laughter, and a fond but sad parting made for a wonderful February Saturday afternoon when troubles were momentarily forgotten.

What is your favourite way to unwind and enjoy friends?

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  1. Nothing quite like being with friends. So glad you had a good time.

    One of the things I miss about leaving Yorkshire to come home to Cornwall (and there aren’t many!) is spending time with my friends after a hard week at school, going to the pub and sharing a bottle of Shiraz and talking, talking, talking! The lovely Mr S knew what this meant to me and would do the weekly shop on his way home and have supper ready for me too!! What a star!! 🙂

    • a superstar — yes there is not many things better than a great visit and laugh with friends

  2. I love the poem and the tea/wine!

  3. I’m so glad you had fun with your friends LouAnn! I know this is about the past, but when I think of special times with friends, I always think of my best friend from childhood. She passed away a few years ago from cancer, far too young. When I moved north of Toronto, got married and had kids, we hardly every saw each other any more. However, the sign of a true friend is that when we did get together about once a year, it was like we had never been apart. We would always sit facing each other on the couch with our legs curled up underneath us and big bowls of chocolate ice cream in our hands and gab like little school girls about anything and everything. I sure miss her! I have other friends of course now, but there is something about that best friend from when you were little that always holds a special place in your heart.

    • what a beautiful memory and tribute to your friend–thanks so much for sharing this Cindy

      • ….and thank you for awakening my memories :).

  4. Nothing better than a glass of wine and good friends to share your triumphs and your woes. A good chat with dear friends is the best medicine to lift your spirit…..btw, loved your poem.

    • glad you liked my poem – think I am going to gather up all my poetry and print out a little chapbook to give to my family
      you are right – next to have a glass of Prosecco with my sister, a little whine and wine with friends does lift your spirits

  5. “…dressed in winter bling…” I love it! Your photo and your poem are just perfect! Lunches are my favorite ways to connect with friends too – almost as good as the arrival of spring.

    • glad you liked it – and I agree, lunch with friends is one of the best things life has to offer

  6. That sounds wonderful, and I love the picture of the three friends.

  7. We have a 20-year quarterly dinner club tradition comprised of 3 couples with grad school ties, Despite one couple moving 2 hours away, adding a couple kids each, busy work and activity lives, we have never missed a gathering for our evening of food, drink and good conversation. In fact, our Italy trip was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our “club” (you can search out my post on it if you’re interested). ~ Kat

    • great traditions with long time friends – we need these ties that bind us together

  8. Love it!

  9. Beautiful poem 😀
    Perfect to wake up to!


  10. I love the poem – and a day spent eating, drinking and talking with friends while looking at the snowfall sounds perfect

  11. Lovely descriptive post about the loveliness of winter…Much like you I like to spend time with some nice food, drinks (okay wine) and conversation about anything that pops to mind..

    BTW yesterday when driving I saw a ‘Bliss Spa’ and thought of you…Diane

    • how very neat that there is a Bliss Spa — winter does have beauty doesn’t it?

  12. ‘Ladies who lunch’ — that describes me and my friends. Sometimes, actually quite often, we choose dinner instead. We get together once or twice a month. I always look forward to it. It sounds like you enjoy your friends in much the same way. It’s a simple pleasure.

    • when I visit my sister in Ottawa we become “ladies who lunch” and experiencing it with friends is such a treat too – I look forward to these little excusions

  13. What a wonderful way to spend the time with friends. They truly are irreplaceable 😉

  14. Spending time with friends is always great, whatever you do 🙂 nice poem by the way.

    • thank you–glad you liked the poem – and yes, spending times with friends is great

  15. Life sometimes doesn’t allow for much time outside of family. But – when I do get a chance to hang out with friends – we enjoy our time together with food, drinks & simple fun.

    • food, drinks and simple fun — a good combo

      • Yep 🙂

  16. Very nice poetry. Four of us meet once each month for coffee or lunch. We all retired from same place. Chat with best friend on the phone about x2 per month (she is ill a lot) so we don’t visit. That is the extent of my socialization. I’m not a a very sociable person but can if need be. Otherwise I am busy just with my own hobbies and my animals which take quite a bit of work.

    • but those little times out are a nice change of pace from work and your other responsibilities

  17. “Winter bling” –> definitely my favorite phrase in your poem. 🙂

    Eating and chatting with friends is always a favorite way of mine to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Especially now that my friends are all spread out, being able to just sit down and talk with them in person is a rare treat to be cherished.

  18. A good time with loving friends is always a beautiful idea. I undersand how hard it gets to part on such blissful days.

  19. the picture made me yearn for a day of snow. that would be blissful for me.

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