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I have a very serious addiction. I love magazines–their stories, the hints they provide on making your life the “best ever” particularly at Christmas time, the fashions, and yes, even the ads–which if you pay attention are quite artistic.

A Christmas Snow

A Christmas Snow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up very early this morning and did not want to crawl out from under my warm covers, so I picked up a copy of “Real Simple” from my bedside table, and found these words from photographer, Cig Harvey, in answer to the question: “What makes your life simple?”

He said: ” When I’m driving in the snow, I often think about the relief and joy that I’ll feel when I get home. I love the way the world falls quiet during a snowstorm and the house becomes almost a separate planet, with the space to think, create, organize and reflect.”

I love these sentiments. Although we have had no snow yet this season (a few flakes does not count) I await the first lovely snow with much anticipation. I still love the snow (though I wish it would avoid the roads) and the cozy feeling you get looking out your front window while holding a warm drink, with the space to think and reflect.

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  1. The only time I love snow is when it snows bad enough that the roads are closed and I don’t have to go to work LOL!! I could use one of those days right now, but it has to wait until my son gets home from college for Christmas :).

    • there is time in between–my son is coming home on the 15th or 16th–when is yours coming home?

      • I’m so excited!!! He’s coming home this weekend for a Christmas party, and this is his first time home since Thanksgiving. We were down to see him a couple of times, but it will be so nice to hear his voice in our house again. Then he goes back for a week of exams and comes home for the holidays on the 15th. I think Christmas will be more special than usual this year :). I miss him so much, but I have handled it far better than I ever thought I would.

      • we did pretty good didn’t we–but it is so not easy–

      • Yes we did 😃. I think what helped for me is how easily Bryan settled in and how confident and happy he seems on his own. I think it would have been harder if he was unhappy and wanting to come home. It’s also nice knowing that he is only an hour and a half away 😃.

  2. This is lovely!

    • thank you – no snow for you for a while

      • Ha – no snow ever!

      • really–very cool

      • No – very hot ha!

      • we are on a roll!

      • I cannot stand the heat and it usually gets into the 40C mark around Christmas time – send me some snow please!

      • I hate the heat too-some snow is on the way–as soon as we get some

  3. It does feel as if snow insulates us from a sometimes crazy world. I love the first snowfall too, but by April I am so ready for a break from the white stuff.

  4. Snow does alter the world… it feels so different, and described so well by the Real Simple author. I hate it on the roads, though. Getting caught in a snowstorm is frightening.

    • that is so true–I have had a few what felt like “near death” experiences on the road

  5. Yes I too love to look at a ‘snow covered world’ but like you don’t like driving in it…Those who have never experienced a winter with snow flakes and sparking snow on the trees have really missed something…Diane

    • you are right on both counts–so we are agreed–no snow on the roads but it is good in our yards

  6. You’re lucky it snows where you live. The most I see in my town is hail, and if I wanted to roll around in the snow I’d have to go 1000 metres above sea level at the very least. The way you put it really sounds lovely. 🙂

    • that would be quite a trip–you can just be happy that you don’t have to drive in it

  7. As much as I hate being cold, I love the snow! I adore the stillness in the air after a big snowfall. Rather like we were saying yesterday on your post about the magic of Christmas, I always think there is something undefinably magic about snow as well. We had some snow here yesterday, it fell heavily in the morning, and started to settle quickly, but it didn’t last long, and it had all practically disappeard by lunchtime! I hope there’ll be some during the week and a half I’m off work over Christmas.

    • how nice to have time off at Christmas–I hope you get some of the “magical” snow as I hope we do too

  8. That quiet during the snow is one of my favorite things ever.

  9. Love the snow. Everything is so pristine and bright.

  10. I like driving in the snow at night, out in the country where there are no lights and it is pitch black except for the snow flakes reflected in the headlights. Its like a scene from Star Trek. I’m in a spaceship and the approaching snow flakes are millions of stars and planets all around me

  11. I have a magazine addiction, too! Isn’t that funny?

    I know that feeling and share in the love of it. The house does indeed become a little space station or planet. It’s so cozy. I always feel strangely free, probably because I’m aware that the world outside has slowed to a crawl. For me too, it’s a creative time or at least a time to let my mind think deep profound poetic thoughts.
    Another great post, LouAnn.

    • it does give you that bit of freedom doesn’t it — to be a little creative and let life slow down just a bit

      are you a magazine addict more at certain times of the year?–I love all the magazines at Christmas and in the fall especially

      • I usually like the bigger issues at the start of each season, but I’ll read them all. I get so excited when they come in the mail. LOL!

      • me too- does not take much to amuse me!

  12. We have enough snow to share with all of you! More already than we had all winter last year and it’s still falling! I agree with the rest of you… it’s picture postcard beautiful and so peaceful looking but it makes travel quite treacherous.

  13. I’m in the tropics at the moment and would love to see snow (because it’s so darn hot here). But the serenity of the night sky is magnificent here and I guess it’s all about finding that niche 😉

  14. We get lots of snow here, but none yet this year. I love shoveling the snow in the dark when the neighborhood is quiet.

    • quiet, peaceful, rythmatic–I could see why that would be kind of a zen thing to do

  15. I am not fond of snow except in a few situations, on Christmas morning, knowing I don’t have to leave the house and having several feet on the ground fresh and white, and having nice snowy and icy roads for a drive. If some one else freezes their butt off to dig out and warm the car I will eagerly offer to drive. I was taught to drive during the winter months, when spring came it was so disappointing that there was no challenge to driving. I do enjoy a challenge.

    I too love magazines, They are wonderful for when I don’t want to get caught up in a book. But I finally fixed my addiction by promising myself I can get any I want at the library. There are days it’s hard and I do want to buy one.

    • so good you learned to drive in the snow–I did not get my licence until I was 35 and never have learned how to drive in it

      I have to resort to the library a lot–but at Christmas I do treat myself to mags

  16. Love this Lou

  17. I really miss snow. I remember snowmobiling over the fences when I was a kid. Now, I can’t remember when it last even got as high as the bottom of the fences. Bring it on!

    And I think heaven is a new magazine, a fire in the fireplace, snow falling outside and a cup of coffee.

  18. I love the snow at night and taking a quiet walk — it is quite lovely and tranquil. Nothing like it

  19. My favorite memories of snowy nights were getting a warm bath, flannel pj’s on and snuggling on the couch.. I miss the snow (did you hear the whine when I said that? 🙂

    • I heard a distinct whine–but just a little one–I love the picture you paint with your memory

  20. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m ready for a little snow now that it’s December.

    • that is the operative word – a little snow–I do not want a big snow that shuts everything down until after Christmas

  21. Real Simple gives me an inferiority complex so firstly I admire your self-esteem. I love snow and we rarely get it. Being cozy and warm inside and watching snow fall outside is one of the great joys of being human.

    • I know–because they call it Real Simple but it does not seem to be real simple. Cozy and warm inside it a joy–you are so right.

  22. I love that mag, real simple. Snow is awesome too, but I like to drive to it and then drive away!

  23. I am enamored with the thoughts this article gave you and thank you for sharing with us Lou.
    . I somehow missed this & his statements.
    \You are a more keen word for word reader of Real Simple than I am I see. But we have like minds when it comes to periodicals In fact I gave up my Martha Stewart monthly for Real Simple.

    And snow…
    We have had our first snowfall last month with a couple inches accumulated I love the absolute peace it brings to my neighborhood. No cars out on the little road in front of yard dressed in it’s white blanket.

    I say bring on all that white powder,
    I would even do a dance to make it snow I love it that much.

    • We still have only seem a few errant flakes–I am hoping for more for Christmas. His statement was under a big picture of a red truck in the mag.

      • ohhhh! I know the advertisement you mean. Awesome eye girl!

  24. How do you do that?

    When I wake up I HAVE to get out of bed as I need tea! 😉


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