Reality Bites

The picture is not flattering

The face looks like a wrinkled pancake

With a nose

And glasses.

Goodbye youth….

Hello to a future that no longer depends on pretty

Guess I had better work on my personality



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Observations on April 4, 2016


Wind howling;

Snow falling;


Birds bravely chirp,

Emerging buds shiver.

Blooms take cover

from the sharp cold ~

Spring momentarily put on hold…..

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A Deep Philosophical Truth





pits ~





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April Snow

Spring snow

Glazes buds and blooms–

Sparkling daffodils

bow under the white weight.

Sun melts; the thaw

leaves only dew drops.

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Newspaper Woman

A rumbling starts

From deep within

It roils and coils and leaps about

My nerves are on the outside

Looking in

Wondering why they have no shelter

Why they have no protection

Livewires of

Energy and


My fingers cannot keyboard fast enough

Ideas mound up

Molehills literally become mountains

Everything becomes big, insurmountable.

There are no toeholds in the side of this mountain

It is sheer polished rock…..

I slide down into a heap of exhaustion


Another deadline met.

This is how I feel before, during, and after writing my weekly newspaper column. Whether or not I will write a daily poem this month that celebrates poetry is up in the air…………it is an intention–but we all know where intentions sometimes end up……….

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