Spiral Birds and Blooms: 2nd Chiyogami Series

Spiral Birds and Blooms (Photo credit: so_jeo)


Mid-March hesitates

Lion yawning, lamb awaits

Spring plays hide and seek.



Mixed snow and rain, icy cold

Where is soft sweet spring?


True bliss is patience

Icicles will drip and melt

Giving way to blooms.

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  1. All three of your haikus are precious and lovely. You have a talent for this. Thank you.

    • aw shucks–thank you so much — that 5-7-5 stuff is not as easy as iit looks–thank you for appreciating it

  2. I’m so eager for Spring to arrive. These are wonderful and so perfect, as I look out my window at the rain and snow mix. 😦

    • I am so ready for spring–no boots, heavy coats, mittens and gloves — you must be getting the same weather we are here–

      • Actually today is like Haiku # 2. Crappy icy rain. I’m happy that one of us is getting some good stuff. 🙂

      • we are getting number 2 today too

  3. Love all three poems but especially the first one…..you have a creative soul.

  4. Triple Haiku!
    Impatiently waiting for those icicles to melt & flowers to bloom.

  5. Lovely Haiku. Spring is definitely playing hide and seek here. 🙂

    • you would think in paradise, spring would show up a little sooner- (I know, I am so funny, you forgot to laugh)

  6. Wonderful poems. I like how you incorporated bliss into the last one. I am anxiously waiting for spring also. 🙂

    • with you name tag, of course you can’t wait until spring and growing season!

  7. I really hate to complain but its been in the 40s and cloudy for a while now. I’m so ready for some Spring bliss. Happy weekend, Lou Ann.

  8. Great Haiku, LouAnn!

  9. Soft sweet spring is right here in my backyard. You should hear the birds!

  10. impressive set here LouAnn. I need to have some warmth and sunshine.

    • thank you muchly — I need some warmth and sunshine too — but no warmth this weekend!

  11. Wow! Your a poet! You are one multi-talented lady!!

  12. Patience–that’s the key this time of year. Beautiful choice of words in your Haiku.

    • Thanks so much – I think spring is really the only seaon we tend to rush………….

  13. On my end of the world, spring seems to have become lost somewhere in the fight between winter and summer. There’s a full 20-degree difference between yesterday and today’s weather…. quite trying for those of us with minor allergies. I would give anything for a nice, mild spring.

    • I know, sometimes around here (southwestern Ontario) we don’t get much of a spring, but get a full-blown summer–I like to ease into summer as I am not fond of hot and humid

  14. “Spring plays hide and seek” – how perfect and how true!! Your poems were lovely and evocative..Thank you!

    • Thanks Mimi – I am ready for spring to come out in all its glory–the hints are just a bit too subtle

      • Our daffodils are insisting on being noticed already – as are the buds on the trees (despite me imploring them to hold off until it gets a little warmer)..

  15. I think my patience is running out. Still, I enjoyed your words.

  16. Beautiful words to welcome in Spring!!

    • Now all it has to do is show its face. It snowed, snowed, snowed last night and is still snowing this morning –It does look pretty though…………

  17. Afraid I’m a bit short on patience about now. Love your poetry though.

  18. I like these very much, sums up our Spring too! Hailstones and sunshine today! 🙂

  19. I have no patience today having just crossed the border back into Ontario. I hate snow and cold, and I want to go back to the beach :(. I know, I’m whining, but it’s sooo depressing!

    • I feel for you — it is hard to come back from vacation–especially a warm one to the cold again

      • Mother Nature hates me!! I woke up this morning, and it was snowing like crazy. She’s cruel LOL!

      • then again, it made going to a warm place all the more worth it

      • Aww see, now you are being the positive one :).

      • enjoy it – it is a passing phenomenon

  20. Thank you for the reminder about patient. Many sincere thanks. Perfect!

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