Comforts ~ Day 19 Or Last Day of Boring You ~


Electricity (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Gratitude is a funny thing. We take so many things for granted and are not thankful for them because they are just there. But when they are not, we are stymied. Last night I noticed a piece of paper hanging out of my mailbox.  I was curious, as the mail comes in the morning and generally the mailbox sits bereft after the morning offering. The notice was from the electrical company, and we were going to be without electricity for 2 ½ hours on Thursday morning. Okay, I thought, that does not sound too bad—I can handle that, and did not think any more of it.

This morning I tried to use what needed to be used before the hydro went off. And I have been quite patient—but it has been off three hours now, and not the promised 2 ½ and I am starting to get ever so slightly irritated. Even agitated. Am I suffering from blog withdrawal? Because when the hydro is off, so is my Internet, and that is not something I bargained on.

Midway through the last sentence the electricity came back on. (Seriously, it did – I am not making this up for the sake of this post.) The fan is whirling, the CD player is doing something (I don’t know what but it is making noise), and my screen just brightened up—as I am no longer having to depend on the battery for my laptop.

Just a minute and I will be back—must go turn on the AC as it is getting a bit warm in here.

Okay, I am back.

So, guess what I am grateful for? You guessed it—

1. Electricity is number one on my list today. We take it so for granted, but without it we are lost. Sometimes I welcome the loss of electricity during a storm at night—it is kind of peaceful—but during the day, it is just irritating.

2. I am thankful for my microwave, my stove, my fridge, my computer, my printer, the lights, my television(s), radios, stereos, and all those other gadgets and thingamabobs that need electricity.

3. And last, but not least, I am glad this is the last day of my gratitude challenge—not because I have run out of things to be grateful for—I have just run out of ways to make it interesting!

So what should my next challenge be? Any suggestions?

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  1. Lou Ann, these are the things we so take for granted until we don’t have them. We lived somewhere once and a bad tornado/hurricane thing came through. Thousands were without power and it took them nearly two weeks to get everyone up and running. It’s okay for a few hours when you try to make coffee over a grill and get into it. But it doesn’t take long for the “fun” roughing thing to go away!

    And, you’re never boring, btw.

  2. I have only been without for a max of two days and it seemed like two weeks! I am so spoiled.
    Thanks for the btw–even if you are lying sweetly (lol)!

  3. I seriously don’t know how I would live if thrown back into a time machine to a time before electricity…

    As for a challenge – not sure. I’ve seen a picture a day posts, picture prompt challenge posts & topic challenge posts. I’m sure there are more out there too.

    Whatever calls your name – I look forward to visiting 🙂

  4. We will have to see what calls my name – I know right now that I am not savvy enough for picture posts – so it will have to be a topic challenge. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  5. Absolutely never boring… not lying.

  6. This was a beautiful challenge Lou Ann. If nothing else, it served to show others how much we all should be grateful. The smallest things are sometimes the best things of all…clean air and water, a bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads. And what about those of us who are blessed with a good family and friends…need I say more?

  7. Glad your power is back! I totally agree that we take electricity for granted but the second it is gone we are quick to appreciate it.

  8. Yes, we take so many things for granted. Not just electricity but things like hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing, refrigeration, automatic washers and dryers, etc. etc. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for all of these things!

    • We forget unless we do not have them – the poor people in New Orleans and environs are surely not taking anything for granted right now.

  9. You took the gratitude challenge to a new and novel level every day. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Teresa – I am going to keep doing it – just not on my blog. 🙂

  10. I love these gratitude posts – not boring at all – thought-provoking and funny!

    • thank you — no one noticed that this is really post 18 and I am cheating a bit – though tomorrow I think I may do a round up

  11. Couple of comments on this one:

    a) I love this phrase: “I was curious, as the mail comes in the morning and generally the mailbox sits bereft after the morning offering.” There’s a great visual there. You make the mailbox seem human. Very nice. I read blogs (and anything I get my hands on really, looking for these kinds of gems. Such unique ways to use words to paint a picture.

    b) I remember being without power in my old condo once. I lit candles and broke out the checkers with my husband. Half-way through the game, I got up and offered him a cup of tea. He thought I was nuts because I had just spent the last 1/2 hour telling him how much I enjoyed doing without modern comforts like electricity; how it challenged me to rise to the occasion and make the best of the situation. And here I was, trying to boil the kettle! LOL!

  12. thank you for appreciating that phrase-
    I like the electricity off for a while, then it becomes no fun when you remember how limiting it is — you know you could have used hot tap water (ugh)

  13. Oh yes, praise be to Electricity.. Once when the kids were little we had no money to pay the bill and was without power for 3 days.. the kids loved it, games by candle light, etc..Me, not so much.. yes, praise be electricity!!

    • I know whereof you speak–it is lovely though when the kids don’t know – oh the times we go through and I agree — bless electricity

  14. Turning the key in the car’s ignition and it turns over! I know what of I speak after having a dead battery when I needed to get to a doctor’s appointment! Work, dang car . . . Work!

    • I know it is so frustrating when something does not work when you need it to

  15. We never really realize how much we take for granted until we lose them, don’t we? The power went out a couple weeks ago from our entire neighborhood for about half an hour and within that span, I was already imagining the terrible things that might happen without AC to keep my head clear. We are very spoiled indeed.

    And congrats on finishing the challenge! WordPress has some challenge ideas but regardless of what you decide to do, I’m sure it’ll never be boring. 😉

    • I know – we are very dependent on the AC at our house because it is old and it is hard to get the windows open. I am just going to have to dig around for a challenge – maybe I will start reading palms – but how does one do that in a blog (lol)

  16. I have really enjoyed this series of posts and have never found them boring! I’ve really liked the way you have made stories around each one. Next challenge? 26 posts finding a story/ thing for each letter ….
    Just a thought..

    All the best to you. 🙂

    • hmm — I kind of like this – a is for apple which is always thought of as a September and back to school fruit – I may be onto something here – thanks 🙂

  17. Gratitude posts have been interesting in that they make one think about things that are often taken for granted … lots of different prompts around Louann, what do you fancy next?

    • not sure yet – mybeautiful things suggested using the alphabet to write 26 posts and I am thinking on it

  18. Enjoyed each post Lou….sorry it has come to an end.

  19. I can’t think of anything off the bat, unless just perhaps you might like to write a poem for my Poetry Challenge, it could be unrequited love regarding, a good retirement plan or something, yeah thats the ticket, a silly unrequited love, I’d like that, it’d be original too, give it some thought, for fun…:) Penny

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