Evils of Procrastination

“….the one greatest cause of failure is procrastination. Through waste of time:


Procrastination. (Photo credit: Tysh)

Duties go unperformed.

Important decisions are never made.

Opportunites fly by ungrasped.

Engagements go unmet.

Trains are missed.

Life itself slips by unlived.” ~ Robert Collier, The Secret of the Ages,written in 1925, p. 343

Okay, so then we are just going to have to put procrastination in its rightful place and perform our duties, make decisions, grasp opportunties, meet our engagements, catch our trains, and most importantly ~ live our lives and not let it slip out of our grasp.

My ongoing and eternal resolution for my new year {which starts in September} is to give procrastination the old heave-ho. Because I am so determined, I am going to start now, August 12, 2012. And just to prove it to you, I am going to go and wash my hair now, since it is a day or two past expiration. (Hey, you have to start somewhere!)

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