Comforts ~ Day 10 or Woo Woo Day or Things I Want to be Grateful for:


Woowoo (Photo credit: BaileyRaeWeaver)

I am projecting here, trying to send the Universe a message by being grateful ahead of time. Woo-woo stuff ~ but some days that is all I got:

1. Thanks for letting me win the lottery—not a free ticket; not $5.00; but something in the six figure range.

2. Thanks for putting all my columns together, creating a bestselling book, and buying the movie rights.

3. Thanks for making all my family and friends healthy, wealthy, and wise.

That is my list—now universe do your stuff.

Definition of WooWoo in my personal dictionary: stuff you are afraid not to believe in because it might be true; stuff your practical mind dismisses; the unscientific study of the law of attraction: or wish it and it will come true.

Please, dear readers, do not take me too seriously here–but universe if you are listening–I am ready.

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