Something a little lighter ~ one might call it flakier

THE HAGUE: Prison Gate

THE HAGUE: Prison Gate (Photo credit: Akbar Simonse)

I received an email today that I think was supposed to make me angry. But instead I was left relieved. It showed a beautiful building with a pool and game courts and some rather luxurious amenities. But it was not a new hotel or spa. It was a newly built prison. I was supposed to be outraged about how my government was spending our money—but I was not.

What the person who sent me the email did not know was that my plans for retirement include perpetrating a crime that will get me into one of these institutions of higher learning. It will not be a heinous crime—just one bad enough to get me incarcerated in one of the nicer prisons—sort of like when Martha Stewart went to jail and taught her “roommates” how to

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cook and crochet and make potpourri bundles.

I have not quite figured out the crime I am going to carry out—but it will be one I can undo once I have achieved my goal. If I steal a great deal of money, I will just hide it and give it back. If I get a stock “tip” I will give back the money I earned dishonestly. I am not going to hurt anyone or do any real damage.

This is what comes of being a freelancer – no pension, nothing saved, and not much earned to speak of. If you have any ideas for me of the perfect non-violent crime that can be undone once my housing arrangements are finalized, don’t be shy—share them with me.

Right now, I am supposed to be doing some bookwork for my husband’s company (something which involve my nemesis:numbers) so I am procrastinating once again and creating something  I like to call “a little less than literature.”

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Comforts ~ Day 17 or No Way, Jose

I know the deal is that I am to be grateful for three things a day for 18 days, but I am going to break this little contract and just be grateful for one thing today and that is the word

Jose Oliveiro

Jose Oliveiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am reading a book by the same name written by Jim Camp, who subtitled it “The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home.”  And though the word NO may superficially seem negative, it is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself.

How so, you ask?

Being able to say “NO”, makes you less needy, and if you are less needy then you have more power. Not power in the sense that you can be Queen or King of the world, but power over your life.

Camp says that when he introduces the word NO in his training sessions, he asks participants what it means to them—and their answers are all negative:  it means the end, walk away, never return, good-bye, total rejection, it is all over, failure. But in reality he says that by always saying yes, your mindset is both compromised and fear-based.

I have been guilty of not saying NO to things and ending up doing stuff because I was afraid or unable to say NO. NO seems like a dangerous word according to Camp, because “Everyone wants to be liked, and if you say no you’ll be disliked.”

NO is a powerful word. I have provided a very rudimentary and simplistic explanation of something which is neither rudimentary or simplistic, but I have to say that Camp has something here.  Think about it the next time you feel pressured into saying yes, and consider NO as an option.

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