Comforts ~ Day 4 or Boy, Did You Come Through ~

Cheshire Cats!

Cheshire Cats! (Photo credit: pullip_junk)

Grateful?  I am grinning like a Cheshire cat. My plea sent out to you mid-day Wednesday was met spectacularly.  I asked you to help me reach my goal of 10,000 hits on this first anniversary of my blog and boy, did you come through.

The blog garnered 10,016 hits before the clock turned over to a new day! You went above and beyond, and I thank you for not letting my shameless begging go unheeded. Today was also my all-time high for the number of visits. So this post for Day 4 is going to be an easy one.  I am thankful for:

1. Exceeding my goal of 10,000 hits and 300 followers on my first anniversary; but more than that I am grateful for the way you took up my challenge and made it happen. This blog would be nothing without its followers and I am fortunate to have the best in the kingdom.

2. The feeling that you were all pulling for me – that feeling is better than any statistic known to man or womankind.

3. And finally, I am grateful that I did not drink my last raspberry rum cooler on Monday night. I popped it (actually I unscrewed the lid) and drank to you for making this happen. Cheers!

And just in case you were wondering, Nike got no hits – so the success of this was dependent solely on you.

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