Awards Galore! O Happy Day ~ Or If This Doesn’t Spur Me On~I Don’t Know What Will!


award_beautiful-blogger-award_2010 (Photo credit: Chingster23)

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award (Photo credit: nhighberg)


liebster-award (Photo credit: SurvivalWoman)

I have come to the conclusion that I am versatile, beautiful, illuminating, lovely, addictive, inspiring, sunny and appreciated. How did I come to this conclusion?

Fellow bloggers in their generosity have honoured me with The Versatile Blogger Award, the Beautiful Blogger Award, the Illuminating Blogger Award, The Liebster Award (before I had over 200 followers), The Addictive Blog Award, One Lovely Blog Award, the Very Inspiring Blog Award, the Reader Appreciate Blog Award and the Commenter Blog Award!

My head has swollen to such an extent that I can no longer get through the doorways of my house, and have had to hire carpenters to take out the front double window of my abode so I can get outside for some fresh air! Seriously, who would have thought? What a wonderful blogging community I have become a part of—and how generous, sweet, and kind all those who bestowed these awards are.

I have felt extremely guilty for not publicly acknowledging these awards—I have tried to privately express how honoured I was to receive each award and hope I have not missed anyone. Due to a number of factors, I will not be posting any of the awards on my blog because I am too stupid it is just a decision I have come to, somewhat reluctantly. (The awards pictured here are from the WordPress Gallery–it was easy to pop them in–I am all about easy when it comes to pictures and images.)

All I can say is a heartfelt—thank you, thank you, thank you for being accepted and encompassed into this lovely, beautiful, illuminating, versatile (you get my drift) community.

So without further ado—I present you with my individual thanks:

Versatile Blogger Award: thank you to (also gave me the Addictive Blogger Award) (Vikki)

Beautiful Blogger Award: thank you to

Illuminating Blogger Award: thank you to: (sandy and denise) (Brigitte obviously)

One Lovely Blogger Award: thank you to:  (Lillian said I could have this or the Sunshine Award– I am greedy so I will take both)

The Liebster Award: thanks to:

Commenter’s  Award: thanks to:

Readers’ Appreciation Award:  thanks to:

Very Inspiring Blogger: thanks to:

I tried to keep good track of all these wonderful awards. If I made a mistake with your name or blog address, I am sincerely sorry—this is hard work putting all this together, and blog savvy I am not yet—though I hope to become more so in the future.

I am coming up to my one year anniversary, and I have to say I am overwhelmed by the response I have received. Thank you everyone! (I am dancing a little victory dance here—but it is good you cannot see it—I am rather awkward.)

I will no longer be accepting awards—as thrilled as I am to receive them.  So thank you all – you have given me a great boost to continue blogging and hopefully continue to deserve to be part of your world. I cannot stress enough how happy these make me—but my organizational abilities are such that I cannot be held responsible for saying the proper thanks.

P.S. If I have forgotten anyone or made any glaring errors, I would be happy to include you or correct the error!