Life Is the Creative Act


Creativity (Photo credit: Mediocre2010)

“If you’re alive you’re creative. We “reduce and  deflect” our creative selves in many ways. Life is the creative act, not the canvas or the blank  page.”            ~ Patti Digh, “Creative is a Verb”

I like to think of myself as artistic.  There is no real concrete proof of this, yet I keep trying to find my “artistic” self.  She seems to be playing a game of hide and seek with me that I have not yet won. I keep seeking, and while my artistic self is wily and still in hiding, I continue to try to coax her out into the open and tag her.  (Lest you worry – I do understand that tag and hide and seek are two different games). I used to love playing “frozen tag” where you would chase your prey and tag them and they had to stand in the spot where you tagged them frozen into place—that is what I want to do with my creative self: seek her, find her, and freeze her so she cannot get away.

The first step to being an artist is to realize that we are all creative beings. I like to think that my primary way of satisfying my creativity is in writing. But I would like to expand on that creativity to include other forms of inspired, inventive, and innovative methods of expressing myself, other than letting the dust settle on my furniture and doodling in the grime.

I particularly admire artists who can paint and draw or find other mediums to express themselves in a way that lends just that little bit more beauty to the world. Of late, I have been reading the book “Creative is a Verb” by Patti Digh, who believes that if we are alive we are creative. I love this all-inclusive definition of creativity. It gives me hope that someday I will produce something beautiful, but if not, then just the mere act of creativity is enough.

Digh includes a poem by Osho in the introduction to her book which I found inspiring:

When I say to be creative

I don’t mean

you should all go

and become great painters

and great poets.

I simply mean

let your life

be a painting

let your life be a poem.

Osho’s poem is inspiring, but so is Digh’s advice that we should fully own “that we are creative beings, whether we will ever call ourselves writers or artists” or pick up a pen, brush or camera, or show our art, sell it or “create something fantastically unique.” And I love this line: “What if we owned that making dinner was a fully creative act?” (My cooking, if nothing else is creative and sometimes edible.)

Apparently, we should not limit our definition of creativity, but instead—“Open up. See more, Live Deeper.” That is what Digh believes art is, creativity is, and life is.  So, even if I cannot draw something besides a stick figure that is recognizable, I am still creative. So there.

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  1. Reblogged this on Three Little Dogs and commented:
    My passion and focus is on homes……………

  2. I am going to have to borrow that phrase someday – “My cooking, if nothing else is creative and sometimes edible.”

    I am quite creative inside my head. I’m not sure it ever becomes visible though.

    I love the way you write.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you–and I can wholeheartedly return the compliment. I, too, am “quite creative inside my head.”

  3. I just stacked several bars of soap on a silver tray by my tub….a tiny bit of creativity….looks pretty, smells nice and it made me happy.

  4. The poem is inspiring. Sometimes I wonder if it is about daring to believe, having the confidence of self. But I’m going to take those line “let your life be a painting let your life be a poem” and see where I end up?

  5. I love that poem. I took an art class last year and had never tried to draw anything more than a stick figure in my entire life. At the end of class I was painting and loving it. To just let yourself go and explore and create–really that makes life worth living to me. Great post!

    • You mean there may be hope for me? Explore and create–I like that. Thanks for dropping by

  6. I enjoyed reading that. Those last lines

    I simply mean

    let your life

    be a painting

    let your life be a poem. are wonderful, just my life philosophy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Love “let your life be a poem!” So great, Lou Ann. And you are very creative. :).

    • Thank you and from reading your blog you were not behind the door when they gave out creativity!

      • You are too, too nice. Right back at you. :).

      • you know we could keep this up all day –

      • i know…i know….it’s addictive but seriously, I’m eyes are crossed from viewing this screen. Take care, Lou Ann!

      • okay I will stop now–bye for now Brigitte!

  8. Wonderful post. It has made me look at creativity in a whole new way. I’m often found searching for my creative self. Like you, I know she’s hiding somewhere, just waiting for me to find her. Perhaps she’ll appear as I cook dinner tomorrow night… 😉

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