Awesome By Any Other Name

The Book of Awesome cover.

The Book of Awesome cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”~ Jim Rohn

It seems awesomeness cannot be corralled in just one book.  Hailed as a #1 Bestselling Author, Neil Pasricha has found (even more) awesome stuff for us to experience, extricating extraordinary moments from the ordinary in his latest tome, “The Book of (Even More) Awesome”. This is a follow-up to his first offering: “The Book of Awesome“. Seems Neil has found publishing gold.

Some of what Pasricha finds awesome, I do not. But some of the things he finds awe-inspiring really make you stop, consider, and celebrate the big and small moments of life.

Opening the book at random I ran across a chapter called strangely enough: “A perfect squeegee job at the gas station”. You may think the title is self-explanatory, but a simple squeegee job is apparently not so simple at all.

Pasricha says that a pro wiper must master five tricks; lift-ups (wiping under the windshield wipers); just enough drips (achieved by tapping off the excess like the pros and not getting your shoes wet); saying no to streaks (by using two hands, leaning your head in, and applying just enough even pressure to keep the squeegee running straight); bug off (not merely smearing the bugs but wiping them completely off the windshield); and last but not least—achieving side mirror superstardom, which takes “years of training” because the squeegee does not fit “well” on the mirror. Who knew that the perfect squeegee job took so much talent—but according to the author, once you know how to do it, and do it well, it is AWESOME.

Business guru, Jim Rohn believed that the definition of success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well–putting success within the reach of us all–whether it be a great squeegee job, or string theory. Personally, I am trying to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time–but alas this alludes me. But when, and if I do meet this lofty goal, I am sure it will be awesome.