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In my eternal quest to expand what is left of my mind, I bought a new book called “The Writer’s Devotional” with some birthday money I had received that was just burning a hole in my pocket , or to be more authentic (shades of Oprah) a hole in my pink wallet. It has contained within its brown suede-like cover (which is why I suspect I purchased it, as I just love the soft beautifully etched surface) a promise. Actually 365 promises. The subtitle of the book by Amy Peters declares that the book contains: “365 Inspirational Exercises, Ideas, Tips & Motivations on Writing”.

Now, according to the sketchy instructions at the front of the book, I am supposed to read one of the tips, exercises, ideas etc. a day, absorb it, meditate on it, or use it to write something profound. But seriously, I know myself and cannot stick to that prefab routine. I have already completed the readings for the first week, and I suspect that very soon I will finish the book. I am not a page-a-day kind of girl. I am also not really a girl, as I have several decades under my belt past the stage of girl, but I refuse to call myself a gal, and woman is a bit too formal, and well….mature.

The book is set up with a Monday to Sunday format. On Mondays you hear some words of wisdom from a writer; on Tuesday you get motivated; Wednesday is writing class day; Thursday is about editing; Friday provides a biography about a great writer; Saturday gives suggestions on books that writers should read; and Sunday, well on Sunday you are given a writing prompt. So, all in all you get two prompts over the week, learn some unusual biographical info about writers, as well as a few words of wisdom, and get to give your muse a bit of a reprieve.

One of the things I do as a writer is write a weekly column, and I always need ideas. I plan on taking some ideas from this book, and elaborating on them both for this blog and my column. I invite you to join me on this journey, which I will number,  and include in my “Off the Cuff” section so you can distinguish it from my other contributions. I will be providing a little info from the book, but not enough to spoil it for you should you want to buy it (or enough to get me sued)—just enough to whet your appetite. Comments would be appreciated if you have something to add to what I hope will not be a one-sided conversation.  This is not just a journey for writers; I hope to make it interesting to all.

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