#3 – Writer’s Devotional Or Why I Would Never Use the Sunday Prompt

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If you have followed my haphazard writings about this book thus far, you know the drill: Monday deals with Writers talking about Writers; Tuesday is motivation day,… etc.

Today I am going to concentrate on the Tuesday motivation and the Sunday Writing Prompt of Week 2.

The Tuesday motivation talks about Grammar—the uninteresting, stuffy sister to creativity (sometimes known as the Muse), who is always bright and exciting, and lots of fun to be around.  We all know that having the basics of grammar under our belts is a necessity, and to be honest when I was first introduced to the intricacies of grammar, I loved it. That relationship has waned over the years, and I have a new mantra to cover my bases. It is:  I know the rules so I can break them. That statement is not really true, but it makes up for my loss of memory and any grammar mistakes I make inadvertently.  Sometimes, though I make them on purpose. It is important to know when you are rebelling against the dyed-in-the-wool grammar rules and when you are not—I have to admit, sometimes I am just not sure.

Author of  “The Writer’s Devotional”, Amy Peters states that there “is a whole cottage industry of books on grammar,….each of which offers sound advice. I know because I had to read all of them to write this book.” She says grammar is important but “there are plenty of writers who spit directly in its face.” I do not spit directly in the face of grammar, but sometimes the rules need to be broken, and I have no problem doing that. (Sometimes I break the rules because I do not remember them – but I comfort myself with the fact that I once did.)

The Sunday prompt is probably an easy one for many people. The prompt is: “I like animals,…” but it is not one that motivates me.

It is not that I hate animals–I am just not an animal person. I know this admission makes me sound heartless—but I am not. In fact, I took in a kitten on the day after Halloween about five years ago as it had followed trick or treaters all the night before looking for someone to love it. That cat is now much-loved by the three men who live in my house. Seriously, they L – O – V – E, love, love  this cat.  I feed the cat so it loves me. I put up with it because my sons and husband love it so much. There, that is my animal story—the beginning, middle and end. As you can see “I like animals,…” does not fit the profile.

I have written about our cat (known in these parts as His Royal Highness) in the past. You will find it  in the  September archives of this blog. You will note that the story did not start with “I like animals,….”

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