The Big Lie in Canada

English: National logo for CBC Television

English: National logo for CBC Television (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the big lie in Canada? The answer is found on page 81 of Will and Ian Ferguson’s book “How To Be A Canadian.”  Okay, before you rifle through your vast library, I will tell you: the big lie in Canada is when you are asked if you watched one of the popular “water cooler” shows on television last night, and your reply (with a straight face) is: “I’m sorry, I don’t watch TV. Except for the CBC of course.”

Of course.

Actually I do watch the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation better known as ‘the’ CBC. But I also watch some of the “water cooler” shows—those popular shows that everyone is talking about the next day on their breaks and lunch hours. I am not sure, but I think that any program that showcases some kind of talent (?) falls into this category, whether it be singing, dancing, or trying to fall in love and marry someone while dating 42 other people (that is the premise of the Bachelor isn’t it?)

The Fergusons believe that cable companies would be out of business if everyone who says they watch the CBC, actually watched the CBC. As I am a self-confessed political junky, the CBC is just full of entertainment for anyone who wants to parse endlessly the goings on in Parliament.

I used to be one of those people who gaged people’s intelligence by the size of their television set. If it was black and white and small (and of course tuned to the CBC or some National Geographic show) then obviously they were brilliant. That theory was blown when the people I held in such high esteem and owned the tiny black and white TV traded it in for one of those whopping big screen TVs. Their brilliance was not affected one bit by the bigger television.

So, now I am free to buy one of those big screen monsters, make some popcorn, and no longer feel uneasy about killing brain cells. I will continue to tune into the CBC though, just to make sure some of them stay intact.