Well here it is–my weekly column. I know many of you await it with bated breath. This week I was channeling Joan Rivers before she became caustic, Erma Bombeck, with a little Carol Burnett thrown in for good measure (where is the King of the Jungle when you need him?)

Funny legs

Funny legs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was an abstainer. No way was I going to join Facebook. I did not understand it. I still do not quite understand it—but it has turned out to be fascinating. I have been on Facebook since January and to say it has changed my life would not be the correct assessment. But it has added another dimension. I can now see my far flung (and for that matter near flung) relative’s and friend’s antics. I have been able to connect to some friends I have not seen since university. I get to see my nephews and nieces and their kids (who are all exceedingly adorable—the originals and their offspring). I get to see what people think is important to share and it is a lesson in humanity and humility, fun and family.

 My picture is on my Facebook page, and while I do not think it does me justice (I am in a time warp—where did all those wrinkles come from?), it does depict me as I am today. A dyed in the wool brunette with a little gray on top I like to think of as my halo;  squinty (I prefer to think of them as sparkly) eyes  arrayed in glasses possibly a bit too prominent for my face; and a slight Mona Lisa smile to keep the jowls from sagging too much. (My niece Chay often gets after me when I humorously “put myself down” but it is a woman’s prerogative to make fun of herself. It does not necessarily mean I have trouble with my body image or the way I look—I kind of enjoy poking fun at myself. Note: I do not particularly enjoy it when other people do though—so if you see me at the grocery store, do not make fun of my nose.)

                I do not have many friends on Facebook and it is mostly by design. I befriended people I knew would not mind and most of those who have asked me—except for a couple of guys who seem kind of suspicious and look like relatives of the Duck Dynasty guys (hey, did you see a pic of some of them without their beards—wow!—but I digress.) Although, on second thought, the Duck Dynasty guys are kind of rich………..

Snoopy as "the World War I flying ace&quo...

Snoopy  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facebook is great if you are kind of snoopy. Which I am. Being a reporter is a good thing as I get to peek behind the curtains sometimes. Do not invite me to your house unless you are ready to have the door of your medicine cabinet opened. I do not judge though—I am just curious. (Just kidding). I am amazed at some of the things people share, and not because they share things that are weird and strange (though I do find those things interesting)—they share their knowledge, recipes, family life, reflections, and pictures.

                I understand why some people do not like Facebook—I can see that it could get out of hand—but the way I use it, I like it just fine.  I also have a Twitter account which I understand even less than I do Facebook. I tweet my blog posts and on occasion stuff like “the bird has left the nest” or “the horse is in front of the wagon”. These tweets make no sense, but neither do many of the tweets I have read.

                I could take the time to understand these tools of social media. In fact I will Google Facebook right now and find out what it says. I just love Google—it is such a lazy way to do research.  Okay, according to Wikipedia, “Facebook is an online social networking service. Its name comes from the colloquial name for the book given to students at the start of the academic year by some American administrations to help students get to know one another.” Cool. Now I am in the know. About ten years later than most others on this planet known as Earth.

                Okay, now what does it say about Twitter? Just a minute—or few minutes—my Internet seems to be on a bit of a siesta right now.  All knowing and All Seeing Wikipedia says that “Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters.” So that about sums it up. And it is still as clear as mud to me. Maybe in ten years I will understand it and tweet to my heart’s content.

                I am sure this column has been illuminating. Think of all the things you have learned about me that you really didn’t need to know:

1. I dye my hair but not religiously, hence the grey halo.

2. My eyes are close together.

3. It is okay for me to make fun of myself but not for anyone else to make fun of me.

4. I am woefully behind the times.

5. I am in denial about my age.

6. You do not want to invite me to your house unless you have cleaned out your medicine cabinet.

7. I am not, nor have I ever been “cool”.

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  1. We seem like two peas in a pod! Well said.

    • when I read your book I think the same thing–though I do not suffer from migraines–they sound absolutely horrible

  2. I think that sums up people: you either look behind the mirror in the bathroom or you don’t.
    You are not woefully behind the times! You’re rocking the blogosphere woman!

    • spoken like a true friend!

      • my husband is a snooper.. he mortifies me. But is funny, we were just talking about this very topic at work the other day. Most of the married couples were split.. one spouse did and the other one didn’t. Does your hubs snoop?

      • nope–I am the sole snoop in the family–though I have one son that may take after me

      • Haa I think my house is the same. One like me and one like him…. In every sense.

      • makes life interesting

      • Or insanely aggravating. Haaa

      • I have been known to be aggravating–it is all part of my charm

      • Haaaaa

  3. Great post. Made me smile. I use fb and twitter too, and usually share my blog on them. I don’t care for the some of the things that are shared, but there are some interesting things when you follow the news, or certain reporters, and of course things that you are interested.

    • they have their place though I have really not figured out twitter yet other than to share my blog posts and say stupid things

  4. You’re cool in your own, unique way 🙂

  5. I’m still not on Facebook, Lou and I can’t imagine what I would tweet about I think both are probably great tools if you have to self-promote or maybe use as you do. You’re cool and if I ever meet you, I’d never say anything negative. Not only is that just bad manners, but I’m certain I wouldn’t find anything negative to point out.

    And btw, you are cool.

    • why thank you Brigitte–I think you are exceedingly cool which translates into being one great friend who bucks up another friend and I know you would never say anything negative

  6. You love chocolate and books, so you’re totally cool in my books :). And I love Google too!! Have you ever found yourself googling multiiple times in a day (ooh that sounds kind of rude) and wondered what the heck you ever did without Google? Great post my friend!

    • I do Google multiple times a day–ha ha–I ask it questions all the time and most of the time I get pretty darn good answers
      come to think of it, books and chocolate are way cool

  7. I’m still not sold on Facebook, but I do have a twitter account on which I share my blog and any articles I read online that catch my fancy enough to share. I’ve got that halo thing going on, too, because I’m too lazy to dye my hair ever! lol xoxoM

    • we are earth angels! I share my blog on facebook and twitter–it was my son’s suggestion and he set me up

      • My daughter just offered to follow me on twitter if I decided to set up an account!

      • I will too!

      • Thanks, LouAnn. No fear my cluttering your feed! xoxoM

      • nor mine yours unless you like observations like “the eagle has landed” or “the crow caws in the north”

      • That could work for me!

  8. Oh Lou Ann – I love this post 🙂
    Hey – I think you are COOL!

    • and I think you are too–we are a mutual admiration society Rosy 🙂

      • 🙂 🙂

  9. Funny! Anyone who can make laugh is cool in my books!

  10. I have to admit that I have been using facebook a bit more lately myself. It’s been a great way to make fun of my husbands attempt at growing a mustache for movember (on his facebook page, of course)..

    Hey, I should post it on wordpress. I wonder if he’d forgive me if I did?

    • My family has had to forgive me a lot because they have been the subject of a lot of my newspaper columns over the years–so post away–I would love to read about his Movember

  11. I use it for the reasons mostly that you listed..keeping in touch with some friends/family that I don’t see too often…seeing pictures and what’s up… I don’t befriend those that ask unless I know them … or they have asked me for eg through email ie.. other bloggers…. and I must admit I play a couple of games …. Even though I’ve been tempted to close it down I can’t for the keeping in touch factor… Diane

    • keeping in touch is a great factor and the way facebook should be used–I love seeing what others are doing

  12. I am a total snooper just like you which is why Facebook is really great (not necessarily for others on the receiving end of my snooping but that’s not the point). In general, I observe much more than I post or interact on it. As for Twitter, I still don’t get what the big hype is about. Sure it’s short, it’s fast, and it’s convenient, but I prefer to get my news fix (or gossip fix, whichever) through actual articles. Maybe I’m behind the times and I’m not even that old. Speaking of old, I heard once that you’re not really old unless you let your soul get old. Make of that what you will. Last thing: you’re cool in my book. That is all.

    • I like being cool in your book–and if immature counts–I am much younger than my years–I like you comment about the soul though–that is a bit deeper than mine about being immature
      I think snoopiness is just curiousity and creativity unleashed

  13. No medicine cupboard in my bathroom so you can come around any time. Tea? Coffee? Cake – you will have cake. (challenge to find the two out-of-grandchildren’s-reach drawers in the dresser…oops I’ve given it away). I’ve been told facebook is for connections and twitter is for information…does that help?

  14. I no longer find Facebook fascinating. Only stay on it so as not to upset my kids when they post endless photos of the grandkids. I think my DiL spends the whole day on the computer. 😯 I don’t remember my parents ever being as doting on my sister and I, in fact I’m hard-pressed to find pics of us as children. You’re very welcome to snoop in my medicine cabinet, but just don’t go near my drawers 😀

    • there are whole rooms in my house that one should not go near
      I think we take doting to the enth degree these days–and I am guilty as anyone

  15. I’m like you with regard to FB…I post my blog there, and that’s about it. I sometimes comment on others’ posts, but I don’t feel the need to let people know my every move. I do like staying in touch with family and friends, and I usually just ignore anything that is TMI.

    My Twitter presence is about the same….just enough to stake a very nominal claim to social networking! ~ Sheila

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