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Statue de Blaise Pascal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ordinary is a pretty fine adventure indeed.” ~  Brigitte from Brigitte’s Banter  {“Just an Ordinary Day”}

Ordinary: normal, commonplace, usual, regular, everyday, conventional, average, familiar, routine, common, mundane.

Like most people, I like a bit of adventure, I love holidays (mostly), parties, celebrations, and things that are out of the ordinary. But when all is said and done, we go back to the ordinary. Ordinary relaxes us, and does not demand more than we can give.  Brigitte, in her assessment that “Ordinary is a pretty fine adventure indeed” has been through some rough patches lately that make her appreciate the ordinary, the day to day, the things she can count on.

When the extraordinary happen, generally we embrace it if it is good; get through it if it is bad. I find that the ordinary is returning to where I am supposed to be. It balances the ups and down of life. And when we are presented with the ordinary, we have the option of making it extraordinary.

Ordinary has some synonyms that make it seem like a dullard: drab, dreary, stale, boring and trite. I think this is selling the ordinary far short of its real potential to make our lives peaceful.

According to Blaise Pascal: “Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary; great minds with the ordinary.”

Do you agree with Pascal? Can “ordinary” be blissful?

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