Is Bliss the Whole Truth?

Holkham Hall - the rooms inside - The Old Kitc...

The Old Kitchen clock (Photo credit: ell brown)

Cause to celebrate: we change the clocks this weekend and “spring forward” to satisfy our urge to save daylight. We have no control over this—it is ordained.

Why This is Cause to Celebrate: my kitchen clock will now not be an hour ahead—for the next six months it will be the right time. Even if something is ordained it does not mean that we cannot rebel just a little bit. By not changing the time on the kitchen wall clock, I am not being controlled by that effervescent Big Brother.

The Truth of the Matter: The kitchen clock is really high up on the wall in the kitchen – you need a ladder, or at the very least a chair to reach it, take it down, and change the time. In the last six months I did not have the will to change it. And no, not once did it fool me into thinking I was late for something.

My little rebellion was really just laziness. And Seinfeld is right, everyday life is all about nothing.

Bliss is somewhere between the truth and a good story. What do you think?

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