82 Hits to reach 20,000

Smash Hits Television

Smash Hits Television (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have come through for me before. I am only 82 hits or likes or comments away from 20,000 hits. I do not quite understand this whole thing–is a hit when someone decides to read you but not leave a trace? I really don’t care–all I need is for you to give me 82 whatevers to reach 20,000 today. Then I will sleep happily tonight knowing……Knowing what? I don’t know–that you, my blog friends came through for me again.

I really am lame. But in my lameness, I am adorable. (Wait, aren’t other people supposed to say this about me? I have never been called adorable before…..)

And the hits just keep on coming………(I hope)

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  1. You ARE adorable!

  2. You have my hit 🙂 and I’ll go back and give you one more from another device. Congratulations on the milestone!

  3. I’m adding a hit too. Good luck.

  4. hahaha! You are adorable and “hit” worthy!!! A thousand hits and likes from me!

    • Lisa– thanks so much — I know I am pandering but hey–I can’t help it! 🙂

  5. 19,934 at this time … you’ll get it … and congratulations!

  6. congratulations… 🙂

  7. Good luck! Hope the hits just keep on coming.

  8. glad to be of help

  9. Almost there!

  10. only 54 to go! i’m sure you’ll do it ~ congrats!

  11. Congrats on your wonderful achievement! Good luck for continued success. 🙂

  12. hit and liked 🙂 I hope….I’m in the library today and forgot my glasses, yikes, I can’t see too well on this screen and I don’t know how to make it bigger like the one at haom xo

    • it worked – thanks so much anna 🙂

      • home now, not haom. woopsy. Glad to hit ya gal 🙂 although I’m with you on not having clue one what any of it means…but it’s fun to count up. Kinda like when I was a kid and we made these ‘chains’ out of gum wrappers. They were utterly useless, but fun to do.

      • no bruises with these hits–I like that

  13. Here is another one. Hopefully you are on the next 20,000.

  14. HIT!! I don’t think they should call them “hits,” though, because it sounds too violent. “Gentle nudgings” would be a bit more friendly. GENTLE NUDGE! 😉

  15. Hey hey hey! Here’s a hit from me! How awesome this must feel! I’m closing in on 10,000 and I know it’ll be a big deal for me~because I’m adorable in my own lame way too! Dorks unite! Congratulations! 🙂

    • hello another adorable — it is neat to hit these digits isn’t it–congrats to you too

      • Why thank you! Hope to get there by Thanksgiving. I’m need a few hundred more hits. 😉

        I just saw your post, and I don’t know when you published, so –how close are you getting? Hope you hit it by your lunch break.

      • last time I checked I needed 22, I think – 🙂

      • I just tweeted your post and saw a prompt to follow you on Twitter, which I did. Why don’t you have a follow button on your blog? I had no idea you were on the Twitter. 😉

      • I don’t know–I will look into it-thanks for mentioning it

  16. Smiles, you have my hit and then punch lol…sending this to twitter for more hits hopefully. THis made me smile

  17. I love that you care about your stats as I do. I’m very happy to help you get to 20,000! I was thrilled last week when I got my 300th follower! 🙂

    • it is kind of fun to keep track of the stats–glad I found someone else who has the hobby

  18. My goodness- I think with all of those comments you will make the mark. I will try to log onto your blog as many times as I can manage. A hit is anytime sometime looks at your site. It could not happen to a nicer person. My goal was for at least 250 viewers per month. I have a bit over a thousand and I actually got started about 3rd week of September. I figure at my age more than 250 actual hits per month -not spams is good.

    • you are doing good–I will send a few more your way too – thanks for the help! only need about 10 more

  19. Well you have another one congratulations, now I need to see how close I am to that milestone 🙂

    • thank you – boy, what will I do if I ever get freshly pressed?

      • I can’t wait to see. I just looked I’m about 1,500 short of your milestone!

      • do what I do and just ask–our blog friends really step up to help out

      • LOL maybe, I’ll wait till I get closer to that magic number.

      • I will be there for you when you ask

      • Thank you

  20. Here’s another one to add to the number. 🙂

  21. I just hit you a couple of times! Slap! Bang! hehehe! Seriously though, I’m a little jealous. I’m a stats junkie too… constantly watching to see how many people have checked out my blog and where they’re from. Sadly, my numbers are smaller than yours.

    • well I have been blogging since August 2011–though did not really know what I was doing until about May or June of this year

  22. Here is my hit for you Lou. best of wishes for making that 20,000. I am confident it will happen. Let us know,

  23. Happy to do my part here!

  24. Is it wrong to feel good about hitting someone? 🙂

  25. You’re well over, now. This much be a great visit day in stats!! Congrats! (stats ~ congrats < such a poet!)

    • and don’t know – Longfellow–yes it has been a great stats day! thanks

  26. I know it’s late in the day but do you still need hits? I can go away and keep coming back?

    • you are sweet- I reached my goal but really appreciate your offer 🙂

  27. Click, Read, Like & Fact —> YOU ARE ADORABLE!

  28. Do you get a hit every time someone visits your blog whether they leave a message or not? Is it the same as the views all-time in the stats section?

    • Someone told me that if you get read you get a hit–which makes sense since the number of comments and likes I get never add up to the number of hits in my statistics–but I am not positive how it all works

  29. Well, maybe you’ve already reached your target…but if not, here’s a little more help! Congrats on 20,000! Great job! ~ Sheila

  30. I would be happy to make more likes if it helped….I don’t think I’m allowed to do more but I’LL TRY XXX

    • thank you – I appreciate your help – I reached this goal, but am onto the next

  31. Congrats! I’m sure you would have made it by now 😉

  32. Marketing a blog is hard work 🙂 and since you’re only lacking a mere 82 hits in order to reach your 20 000, I’ll extend what little assistance I can give you.
    I’ve just started up my current blog on WP, planning to present my home country – Norway – to the world and to the North/NorthWestern US in particular. There semes to be a large number of people looking for their heritage and their Norwegian roots, and I’d welcome any assistance to make my adress known in your area.
    My intentions are to publish yet another feature from Norway every week in the months to come. And you’re invited 😀

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