Lake Erie Fairies

Illustration of fairies

Illustration of fairies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dazzling sunlight dances

on the water; crystals form ~

Fairies brought to light.

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  1. Sophie would love to see these fairies dance across the lake!

  2. Does anybody know the difference between a fairy and a faerie? Is it American/British? (and I’m not interested in any joke answers heh)

    • Google it–I did and there is all kinds of info that should answer your question

  3. Ooh, pretty Lou. This brought vivid images to mind.

  4. Oh! How delightful 🙂

  5. Love those fairies. May they fly all over the world and take care of everyone who is hurting.

  6. This is why you write! xo ♥

  7. I used to have a big coffee table book of Fairies. Some of them were beautiful and others, down right nasty. I loved the illustrations. I think Lily took the book to Canada with her?
    The Lake Erie Fairies are very pretty.

  8. Just the word fairy is enough to conjure up lots of pretty, mystical images. 🙂

  9. very pretty – I love this one.

  10. I think you mean this one, right? It’s perfect 😉

    • yes, exactly – doesn;t it describe your pics?

      • Yes it describes them perfectly. I’m glad too because I thought they were cool but I kept thinking it may take an acquired taste to appreciate them, so it’s incredible that you liked them so much.

      • no acquired taste here–they were stunning and inspiring

      • Thank you 🙂

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