~ Crisis Averted ~

My new stove

(Photo credit: lahvak)

Tried to set my house on fire last night. Thankfully I failed. I have a flat ceramic stove top and of course use it for storage when I am too busy (read: lazy) to put stuff away. Last night I shoved a few pots and pans on top of the stove to get them out of my way, so I could fix my usual gourmet delight dinner. Then I remembered that I should empty the dryer and throw the next load of wash into it—so I tottered downstairs and emptied the dryer and transferred the wet clothes from the washer. I kept hearing funny noises, but thought my husband had just come home.

A residential smoke detector is the most famil...

A residential smoke detector  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turns out my husband had not just come home, and the cat was not rustling around. Turns out there were flames shooting up dangerously from my stove top and smoke everywhere. Turns out my smoke alarm needs batteries! Well I snuffed the flames out, only for them to flare up again—so threw the offending pans in the sink, blew out the remaining embers, then patted myself on the back for not panicking. Then I unpatted myself on the back for not putting new batteries in the smoke alarm.

Moral of the story: Do not use your flat top stove for storage. Moral # 2:  Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm. (Hoping the people who carry our insurance do not read this)

Have you learned any hard lessons lately?

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