The Ghostly Trio

The Ghostly Trio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Tis All Hallow’s

Try and scare me
if you will

A boo will do it

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82 Hits to reach 20,000

Smash Hits Television

Smash Hits Television (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have come through for me before. I am only 82 hits or likes or comments away from 20,000 hits. I do not quite understand this whole thing–is a hit when someone decides to read you but not leave a trace? I really don’t care–all I need is for you to give me 82 whatevers to reach 20,000 today. Then I will sleep happily tonight knowing……Knowing what? I don’t know–that you, my blog friends came through for me again.

I really am lame. But in my lameness, I am adorable. (Wait, aren’t other people supposed to say this about me? I have never been called adorable before…..)

And the hits just keep on coming………(I hope)

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