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Why, it might be asked, does literature have to have a business at all? Is it not sufficient that it give pleasure, convey information, widen experience, provide flashes of insight? One reads the world’s finest novels, plays, poems, and in time one becomes a more cultivated person, which means somehow more refined, subtler, deeper, possibly even—though this might be pushing it—better. You are what you read; and culture, like heredity and cheap paint, rubs off.

~ Joseph Epstein, A Literary Education and Other Essays. Axios Press.

Notes: Image Source – Distant Passion

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  1. Me, too! xoM

  2. Full agreement and beautifully expressed!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. I just saw that you stopped by my blog so I decided to pop over here and have a cup of tea with you! How are you Lou? Life treating you well? I am enjoying being back, at least a little bit, to blogging. I miss the community spirit. And, miss our virtual parties together!

  4. So very true xxx

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