Hopping on my steed

I would wheel out of the driveway

And up the road

To destinations not unknown:

the creek, the corner store, a friend’s house ~

Warm summer breezes teasing my long hair

Into tangles that no comb could unravel

My arms and legs tanned where shorts and top ended.

I would ride by fields of corn and wheat

And feeling a little silly, talk to cows as they munched in the meadows

Their big brown eyes somehow understanding.

Sometimes I would have to pump and strain with wild delight

Chased by big dogs which had no chance of catching of me

As my fear made me strong, fast, invincible

I long for the days when freedom was as easy

As riding my red bike.

Summer memories……………………..

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  1. Wonderful, LouAnn!

  2. I am loving your poetry, Lou. It’s nostalgic and sometimes melancholy which I love. That’s what it’s supposed to do–make you feel. And, I can identify so much with this–I used to do the very same thing. I still bike and love it. Wonderful!

    • I’m glad it evokes feelings and memories–I loved to bike and should take it up again!

  3. Ahhh…this evokes long-forgotten feelings of freedom. Thanks, LouAnn! xoM

  4. Remember those dogs on the 2nd concession…at Sundins? I used to fly like the wind past that house so the dogs wouldn’t chase me! Riding our bikes everywhere….such freedom, thanks for the memories.

    • it was the dogs on the 3rd (across from us) that I used to ride like the wind to get away from

  5. Aw…LouAnn, a wonderful transportation back to childhood – I love this 🙂

  6. I could do with some summer breezes and free time right about now. Good thing I have poetry like yours to spark my imagination and pretend like I really am outside with nothing better to do than bike to my heart’s content. 😉

  7. I love the picture that your story invokes ..(evokes??) Diane

  8. Brings back a lot of my summer memories. Read it. Reading it again.

  9. Keep the summer memories coming my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Great memories from your poetry.
    I tried biking again a few years ago… it’s not the same. But I love to remember how it used to be.

    • that is what I am afraid of–things are so much busier now!

      • I had to concentrate so hard on balance that it sucked all the fun out of it! And then… the knees……

      • my balance is off of late and my right knee is giving me trouble–maybe I should just stick to my walking routine!

      • I think ” biking memories” is where I will stay!

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