A Wish on the Supermoon


The warmth of the light

                emanating from my half-open front door

Rivalled last night’s supermoon.

One light was family, home, comfort~

The other mystical.


I wished a wish on the round full moon

                lightly misted with a wisp of clouds

The wish was the same one I have wished before

 One that perhaps  has already been granted~

I need to cherish it.


Note: August 9th was my mom’s birthday–she would have been 89 this year. I thought of her as I made my wish. I made the only wish that is worth making–that my family and friends be happy.





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  1. A beautiful moon, a beautiful wish. May it come true.

  2. a perfect wish for a moon of many mysteries ….
    I like your wish LouAnn….Thank you for sharing it and your thoughts…
    Take Care…You Matter…

  3. Lou Ann, may all of your wishes come true. xo A special blessing to your Mom and prayer sent.

  4. Lovely remembrance….thanks Lou.

  5. And I believe your mom approved wholeheartedly of such a wish…and loved that you remembered her..

  6. It’s interesting that perhaps your wish has already been granted. I think that is true of my #1 wish, too. Thinking of the sweetness of remembering a dear mama under a super moon and honoring her with this poem and blog post.

  7. You’re so lovely

  8. A wonderful wish Lou Ann…. Diane

  9. A most thoughtful wish.
    And – happy birthday to your mom in Heaven.

  10. This was just beautiful Lou and that wish you made is truly the best one of all.

  11. Hope your wonderful wish comes true my friend.

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. A beautiful wish

  13. Yes, a beautiful wish. We are in Paris and the cloud cover is total. We had hoped to see the moon with the Eiffel Tower but no such luck.Very glad you saw it and that it inspired your lovely poem.🙂

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