Who Am I?

Who am I?

Who am I? (Photo credit: BuhSnarf)

“Who *are* you behind your online words?” is a question asked by blogger extraordinaire bottledworder today in her post. Her byline is “easy reading is damn hard writing”.

That is a good question. Tell me, who do you think I am behind the posts I write and the things I reveal on my blog? I have a good idea who many of you are: courageous, smart, excellent photographers, funny, well-read, thoughtful and kind; some of you are my good real life friends; many of you I have met here in this blog space, and I consider you good real life friends too.

As many of you know, I have been putting together a book on “Bliss” from my posts and your comments from the first half of this year. Consider any comments you make some more fodder for my book—so comment away—and be sort of honest (lol).

And remember, bottledworder is right, when she says “easy reading is damn hard writing”. Sometimes I get it right; sometimes I don’t.

(Yes—I know this is a self-serving post—but it really will help with my book. You will be doing a  girl a favour. And any of you who know me in real life are exempt from this exercise.)

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  1. All the best for your book. I have read some of your posts and plan to read more. But I must confess “You will be doing a girl a favour” surprised me. Somehow I assumed you were a guy (as a lot of people have done about me too.)

    • now that is very interesting………….hmmmmmm….

      • Hassa

  2. Someone who is writer who writes about more than the headlines.

    I can tell that you practice your craft (I was a communications major) and that you are a more of a “small town person” rather than a big city person.

    • you are right about the small town person comment as I have not had much big city experience except when I went to university what seems a century or two ago–like your first line

  3. I need to think about this for a bit.

    • that sounds ominous–maybe I will take this post down–I am remembering that old adage “be careful what you wish for”

  4. I know you to be a kind, compassionate woman.. you are an encourager.. you like/love people and when you befriend someone you are loyal.. I think you’re a deep thinker and I also believe you to be vulnerable. I believe you do care (not worry necessarily) what people think about you….and yet you remain ‘who you are’. I know that you love to write..that’s a given.You give of yourself in many ways but especially ‘love’… Well I guess that’s enough critiquing for now I guess.. Diane

    • Diane- so many of the things you said to me, I can say to you–thank you kindly for the lovely words and thoughts–I can now die a happy woman (not right now though)

  5. I’m really glad to know the book is still in the works! Not that I didn’t have faith in you but we all get distracted by one thing or another so I’m glad you’re still going forward with it.

    I know you to be someone who is observant, kind, and with just the right type of humor. As to exactly what “type” that is, it’s the type that not everyone gets but the kind that people like me love and appreciate (because we have the same type of humor).

    • I think you and I like humour that does not hit you in the face–subtle humour I like to call it–I appreciate that you always get me and thank you for the kind words

  6. It’s so hard to say who the person behind any post could be. Because they reveal whatever they choose to. I think the more we read a blog the more pieces of the puzzle we put together. But we still only have the pieces we’re given, true, false, or something in between.

    • so astute–as a writer though sometimes I find I reveal a little bit more than I really intended and sometimes to make it interesting I may dramatize a bit to make the event just that little bit more interesting (it is still true) — we reveal whatever we choose to – when our muse does not take over-

  7. Your book should be very interesting. I see you as a good home-maker, who is intelligent, sensitive and empathetic and with a lovely sense of humour.

    • what a wonderful critique though I would argue with the good homemaker part–but I do try

  8. Well, I think you are probably pretty true to your online personality. You seem to be down to earth, funny, well-educated and supportive of others. I like the tone of your writing, especially your columns, and can appreciate the perspective, as another person living the small town lifestyle. I think a book compilation of your bliss posts is a great idea.

    • you do realize I am your number one fan Heidi–and what you just wrote proves why–I too love your voice and look forward to every post you write

  9. Not self-serving at all.. I have always found you to be a “comfortable” presence 🙂
    look forward to reading that book of your 🙂

    • what a wonderful thing to be–comfortable–for who wants to read someone who makes them uncomfortable? I never thought about it–but that is exactly what I want to convey!

      • 🙂

  10. You are one of my best blogging buddies who always makes me laugh and feel good about myself :). You are also a fantastic writer who digs deep down inside and writes from the heart and soul.

    • I knew I could depend on you to stroke my ego–thanks good friend and I feel the same about you except you are a photographer extraordinaire (you just don’t realize it)

  11. You are the type of person that I would love to share an early morning cup of coffee with for reals. Quiet, comfortable and thoughtful. That’s what I think when I join you in this e- world. And I smile.

    • Let us meet over coffee some morning then — I love quiet comfort and thoughtfulness–which you provide in plenty but with a zest I do not have

      • It’s a date LouAnn.

      • I will bring the danish, or do you prefer coffee cake?

      • I love all baked goods hence my ever expanding gut

      • mine too– I have 15 pounds that will not go away and are forming a front porch

  12. 1) Authentic. 2) Disciplined. 3) Humble. 4) Human

  13. Funny, warm, insightful and a talented blogger. That’s you.

    • backatcha–thank you, I feel warm and fuzzy inside now and that is a good thing!

      • *grins*

      • early morning smile before I have had my coffee–will grin after I have my coffee – lol

  14. i think behind the blog you are the same as you are in your writing, kind, funny, smart, compassionate, clever, empathetic. we all have things we keep out of our writing – too personal, too painful, but who we are shines through i think. and i think you’re pretty remarkable as a mom, a writer, a sister, a friend, a wife, i count myself lucky to have crossed your path.

    • boy–did I need this this morning–whether what you said is true or not–it sure made my day! thanks so much and I am glad to have crossed your path too!

  15. it’s all true-every word but i after i responded i realized there was something I forgot. the greatest gift my father gave me was his sense of curiosity and a sense of openness. i think those two qualities allow us to live fuller and richer lives and I see both in you in everything you write.

    • sometimes I think I may be too open but it is in an effort to let others see that we all go through stuff and hopefully come out the other side–and I agree with you–curiousity and openness are very important elements in make this life and that of those we love worthwhile–thank you for coming back to re-comment–you are a true friend

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