What the heck is wrong with me?



Sometimes do you wish that the doctor could find out what is wrong with you and that would explain everything?  It would explain why you have a depth of tiredness, weariness, and heaviness that is indescribable.  And explain why you feel nauseated at times, and literally off balance physically, and yes, emotionally too. Why you feel dizzy and disoriented. Why you cannot find the words you need sometimes, and once in a while they come out a little garbled?

Of course I Googled my symptoms and I have been in to the nurse practitioner, and doctor, a local clinic, and even the emergency room when it was not an emergency. The latter is an embarrassing story but today I feel like embarrassing myself. I had a lot of pain in one foot and in one toe in particular. I noticed a raised lump that at first did not concern me. Then the lump became hard. And I thought back and remembered that I had opened the freezer and something dropped out of it on to my foot (because my freezer is just so organized that things slide out at will), so then I thought I might have broken my toe. The pain got really bad, and of course it was a weekend and I could not get in to see my doctor, who, if it had been a weekday I would not have been able to get in to see anyway as he is so busy—so I went to a clinic in the next town that is affiliated with my doctor’s office. And there was a sign on the door that said they were not taking any more patients that day. Apparently one of the doctors had not turned up, so only one was at the beck and call of people like me.

So…….I hobbled across the street to the conveniently located hospital and went into emergency where I knew I would have to wait for days as a painful foot is not high on the priority list for emergencies. Luckily it was not a busy morning, so I got in about an hour later. They took x-rays and asked me what I thought was wrong. I did not really know, and gave them my lame story about something falling onto my foot from the freezer. There is something else that is relevant to this story too—I am forever running into things and hitting my toes. Like all the time. Every day evem ~  and have suffered I am sure from broken toes before—but this time it was different. The pain was intense.

After the x-rays were taken I then had to continue my wait, which admittedly was not that long considering. Finally I saw the nurse practitioner. The location of the bump was awkward so I had to twist myself into a bit of a pretzel to see what she was trying to show me. Now before I tell you what the diagnosis was, in my defence I have to tell you that I showed my husband the night before and he looked a little alarmed and said “You had better see someone about that” in ominous and chilling tones, and scared me half to death. I am just telling you this, cause you are going to think I am really

Public relations of high-fructose corn syrup

NO NOT THIS KIND OF CORN!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

stupid when you hear that the lump was a corn.

The nurse practitioner looked at me with concern when she told me. I think she did not believe someone did not recognize that they had a corn and she thought I might have possible psychological problems {which could be the case, but that is another story}. But seriously, I could not see it. I could feel it and it hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks. Seriously, who knew a corn could hurt that much and that the pain could radiate up the foot? Probably everyone else in the world except me. I went to emergency with a corn! I have only told a couple of people thus far and it happened about two months ago. I am just now getting over the embarrassment.

English: Illustration of the pain pathway in R...

English: Illustration of the pain pathway in René Descartes’ Traite de l’homme (Treatise of Man) 1664. The long fiber running from the foot to the cavity in the head is pulled by the heat and releases a fluid that makes the muscles contract. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to the pharmacy and got some of those corn removers and after about four days—voila I was pain and corn-free.

But that still does not explain what is going on with my health. I sound like I am taking care of it when I tell you that I have been to the doctor and nurse and clinic and emergency, but I really do not take great care of myself. I tend to live in denial until I start to get alarmed. I am starting to get tired of being tired and dizzy, nauseated and off-balance, so I guess it is time to take my Googling self in to the doc’s again. But seriously, it is frustrating and Googling is frightening—it could be anything from thyroid problems to getting older; an infection to some really serious stuff I do not want to commit to print—just in case.

I have rattled on long enough—there is probably nothing really wrong—and I am just feeling the pains of getting older—but where has my energy level gone? And my patience—I am sorely lacking in patience anymore, and I never had a great supply of it in the first place.

Well, I feel better getting this all out—how about you? What niggling things do you have bothering you in the back of your mind? And have you ever had an emergency that was not an emergency?