Probably Better Left Unsaid ~ Comfort Needed

Emergency brake handle on German train (around...

Emergency brake handle on German train (around 1920) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Misunderstood. Misconstrued. Misread. Misjudged. Unacknowledged. Unrecognized.

I am feeling all of these things lately. It is a bad place to be and I cannot seem to crawl out from under it.

I devise a plan but cannot implement it.

I make a determined effort to shut my mouth. Understand that it is out of my hands. That it is a runaway train I cannot stop. Yet I am looking for the brakes.

They fail me.

Must find the emergency brake. Must stop this awful merry-go-round roller-coaster wavy mirror of a horror show.

My dissonance needs harmony. Yet I seem to be hitting all the wrong notes.

Alas and alack. Long sigh. Redouble my efforts and take them in a different direction. But can I?

Have you ever been here? How did you escape?

(I am purposely being vague as  I believe that when I air my dirty laundry, a magical potion comes along and cleans the whole mess up and I am left with having revealed too much. But I am sure we have all been in this limbo of not quite knowing how to solve an issue, and everything we do seems to make it worse. And we know very well that what we are doing only causes more damage ~ but we cannot stop ourselves—like a runaway train that has lost its conductor. I need to find my conductor.)

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