A Quilt Scrap of Stars


Kingsville (Photo credit: Wilson Loo)

I live in town. About 8 blocks from uptown Kingsville on Lake Erie. About 7 blocks from downtown Kingsville. (Actually this is sort of a joke, because I do not know the difference between uptown and downtown ~ maybe I will Google it.) I am about two blocks away from the lake. One block away from our beautiful town park with rolling hills. The hills are very gentle, but in flat Essex County they are a rare commodity.
When I look up into the sky at night, I can see a sliver of the universe.  But I do not see the whole sky as there are trees and houses that block my view and streetlights that dim it.
I grew up in the country where the skyline went on forever, uninterrupted. I miss that. A blanket of stars and not just a quilt scrap. More than a glimpse at the moon but the moon in all its reigning glory.
I just read a post on the blog, lakesuperiorspirit by , and it reminded me of my childhood days in the country. Reminded is the key word as my experience was not the same as hers, but the endless sky hit a deep note of nostalgia for me. Check it out–It is called:
“How chickadees sleep at night in winter and other forest tales”.

What is your view of the night universe like? And do you know the difference between downtown and uptown?


my husband needs to read this cause sometimes he thinks he wins…..

A Simple, Village Undertaker

Page six of the user’s manual….


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Shouldn’t I Have This? ………… Shouldn’t I Have All Of This?

love the juxtaposition of the wants…………


I want to live in a little house with a big porch on the seashore.

I want to live in an apartment in New York City with a geranium on the fire escape.

I want crisp white sheets and gingham curtains.

I want gilded mirrors and french porcelain.

I want rack of lamb with frilly paper panties on the bones.

I want a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich with a side of potato chips.

I want to appear before sold-out crowds who laugh and applaud.

I want to go for weeks without seeing another human being.

I want to write poetry that makes people cry.

I want to play video games.

I want to raise organic veggies and have chickens in the yard.

I want pizza delivery.

I want it to be warm and sunny all year.

I want to be snowed-in for a week.

I want an executive position with board…

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