I Am Innocent!

I am Innocent Ms. Loony!

There is a mystery afoot on the blog photosfromtheloonybin (go and check it out)  and I am being blamed for it. But it is a good blame and I really wish I had been the perpetrator. Many who frequent her blog also think it is me; and to be honest I may have fed the fires, but I have finally come clean.

It was not me.

Innocent (Stereophonics song)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though after reading the note sent by the culprit I would have thought it was me too. Ms. Loony almost convinced me that I was the one who did the dastardly but kindly deed. Wish I had. Whoever did it got Ms. Loony back for the difficult “mystery photos”  she posts every Friday.

So, if it was not me—who was it? Anyone know?

Bliss is being blamed for something good. What do you think?

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