I Am Innocent!

I am Innocent Ms. Loony!

There is a mystery afoot on the blog photosfromtheloonybin (go and check it out)  and I am being blamed for it. But it is a good blame and I really wish I had been the perpetrator. Many who frequent her blog also think it is me; and to be honest I may have fed the fires, but I have finally come clean.

It was not me.

Innocent (Stereophonics song)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though after reading the note sent by the culprit I would have thought it was me too. Ms. Loony almost convinced me that I was the one who did the dastardly but kindly deed. Wish I had. Whoever did it got Ms. Loony back for the difficult “mystery photos”  she posts every Friday.

So, if it was not me—who was it? Anyone know?

Bliss is being blamed for something good. What do you think?

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  1. Haha! Well if it wasn’t you I am dying to know who it was.

  2. What a great surprise that must have been to come home to…..are you sure it wasn’t you?😁

    • Pretty sure – though I am beginning to doubt myself – lol

      • Lol

      • Which means you did it while sleepwalking!

      • or sleep driving

  3. Oh LouAnn, I’m sorry it took so long for me to respond to your amazing post, but my day became crazy!! I did quickly read it at work though, and I must say that you gave me my biggest smile of the day :).

    Ok, so I think you might be off the hook, although this wouldn’t have been a bad hook to be on would it? I may have found a clue in a comment that was posted on my family photo blog tonight, and I’m waiting to hear back if I am right. Hasn’t this been just the most wonderful mystery ever?? This is why I love blogging. We just have so much fun :).

    • I am truly sorry it wasn’t me–cannot wait to find out who it was!

      • It just sounded so much like you :). Wasn’t it wonderful how it linked our two blogs together today though? That was so much fun! I’m just waiting for confirmation – I will keep you posted.

      • It was fun and we should link together more often

      • Yes, we should :).

  4. I still think it’s you. I mean come on! It fits you to a t! And I have no other suspects. If you can’t guess, I always lose when I play clue.

    • LOL!!!

    • if you did not live so far away, we would all think it was you

      • This is true 🙂

      • Going to be honest, I am not this clever. And even if I did think of it, I would too lazy to implement the plan.

      • ha ha – I love honesty in a woman

      • You climbed a big-assed mountain – I wouldn’t call you lazy LOL!

      • here here

      • No, just stupid. I still can’t kick my cold from that experience. I should make a cd since my voice is oh so sexy right now.

      • are you too sexy for your shirt? (I am quoting a song here if you are wondering)

      • Do it :). Can you post audio clips to WordPress so we can hear it??

      • Now are you mocking my cold and photo taking skills all on the same day!

      • no one would dare mock you least of all Ms. Loony

      • No!!! I would never mock you. I do hope you feel better really soon – I don’t like when my friends are sick. But, I still think we would all love to hear your sexy, raspy voice LOL!!

  5. Do you mean my 15 year-old boy voice that sounds like my voice is changing? And yes I am too sexy for my shirt.

  6. Ha ha HA! i LOVE it that the mystery paddle-leaver has stumped my friend at the loonybin. I never ever guess right on her mystery photos, so now the mystery paddle-leaver has scrambled her brain too. 🙂

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