~ Ghoulies and Ghosties ~ And Don’t Forget the Long-Legged Beasties ~

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia) “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” ~ Linus

This is me trying to lighten up a bit. I am reposting this from last October. As I have explained before, when I posted this the first time I had about five people following me so it did not get much exposure. It is timely as it is about Halloween. This is an edited version of October 2011’s post — if you want to read the whole thing–you can go back in the archives.

“A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the *snib of the window, the latch rises. Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night.” ~ J. M. Barrie

Author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie is the originator of the words above, which serve as an eerie prelude to this season of Halloween. Many find the dark quiet and comforting, a respite from the busyness of the daylight hours. But at this time of year, we tend to pause and wonder, maybe for just a moment, whether  ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night are getting restless.

Are there ghosts? I am not prepared to deny their existence. If they are like Casper then all is well, but as for some of his green tinged ghastly cohorts and diaphanous friends the colour of fog, I am not so sure.

Kingsville (my home town in Ontario) famously has a ghost by the name of George, who resides at Kings Landing, a restaurant which overlooks Lake Erie. By all accounts, he is mischievous but never hurtful or threatening. From my cursory research, his existence is known only through phantom footsteps and flickering lights. Apparently he is shy and has never shown his gossamer self, though his habit of  turning taps on and lights off is his least appealing trait.

I have adopted the “warm and fuzzy school of Halloween”; my stance on the scarier side of the celebration is to ignore it. I love the little princesses and frogs that come to my door, and the boys and girls dressed as their favourite heroines and heroes—be they caped, crowned, or sparkly.

As for me and Halloween at my house, I may don my pretty witch’s hat decorated oh-so-delicately with veils, feathers, and black roses,  give out some candy, then turn my lights off at 8:00 sharp (even witches need to get their beauty sleep).

*If you are wondering, a snib is the catch that holds the bolt on a lock.

So are you a fan of scary Halloween or part of the warm and fuzzy Halloween brigade?

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  1. I am a fan of horror and zombie movies, plus grew up in a haunted house – so I like the scary bits of Halloween. Boo!

    • How was your house haunted? so very interesting — obviously I do not like horror movies–but a little mystery is good

      • I grew up in. A house that was an inn and tavern in horse and buggy days. Anytime a family member was alone at night in the house, we’d hear voices. I heard men talking, my dad heard a woman talking to a child and my mom heard a bar brawl. Nothing scary, just weird..

      • as long as you were not scared, that is kind of cool–what do your girls think?

      • They like to tell people about the ghosts – but thy were in my moms house, and she moved this spring. Now they are someone else’s house guests.

  2. I love seeing what costumes the children decide to wear. They are so excited running from house to house. Some Halloweens are warm but this one might be nasty with this pending storm coming to the East Coast. My husband carves two large pumpkins and the kids seem to really enjoy them. I will post some pictures. Happy Halloween!

    • so you are a fan–looking forward to the pics

      • Yes, I am! I always look forward to seeing the children dressed up!

  3. I think Halloween is a waste of time, money, and energy, I have always thought this is one celebration that is just plain stupid. I am one of only a few people that I have met that does not care for Halloween.

    I have read of cults that sacrifice animals on Halloween Many animal shelters will not allow an adoption of any black cat and sometimes not any orange cat, the week preceeding and on Halloween.

    • you come from a totally different perspective–animal cruelty is just not acceptable ever adn I am gald tht shelters have these rules in place
      I understand the Halloween of my childhood–but not the overglorified one nowadays (if I use the word nowadays–does that tell you how old I am?))

  4. I’m just so excited that I learned the word “snib.”

  5. I’m more the warm and fuzzy brigade but if I am being really honest, I’m just not a big fan….maybe I watched too many Sir Graves Ghastly movies as a kid that scared me witless……remember I wouldn’t enter a dark room, you had to turn the lights on for me. Lol

    • I do remember — you and I are both of the warm and fuzzy brigade–as I said elsewhere I like mysteries but not to be scared–

  6. I love the scary parts. I grew up reading Stephen King and staying up late by myself to watch the late scary movies. I still enjoy horror in every form. Oh and I’ve lived in three places that were haunted but it never scared me. The funniest time was a few years ago, my apartment used to be a stage coach stop though the town, while I never learned it’s full history there were a couple of ghosts one a very sad woman. She didn’t bother me and I felt she just needed someone around. Anyway, one day my son stopped with his father and needed the bathroom, I hadn’t mentioned the ghost, but his dad and I are sitting there when we hear my son say “could you turn around at least” My ex gave me the strangest look and I burst out laughing. Then I hear my son call out to me “Mom, I just don’t like to be watched you could have told me about your ghost” I laughed till I cried.

    • oh, that is funny.
      I always feel so sorry for sad ghosts, but peeping Tom ghosts would not make me happy either–I am with your son

      • I agree. I never had a problem with her. Sometimes she would come in my bedroom when I was trying to sleep and just watch me from the doorway. I can’t sleep if I’m being watched so I would tell her I was sorry she was lonely, but could she at least leave the room so I could sleep and she would. I wish I knew what made her so sad.

      • don’t they say ghosts hang around until the thing that is making them said gets resolved in some way?

      • That’s what I’ve heard many times.

  7. Huge fan of anything ghostly. 🙂

  8. For me – this kicks off the holiday season. It is something fun to do with the kids. And – I enjoy seeing people have a good time. Halloween can be gory – but – I don’t think that it’s scary at all.
    (I got my costume today!) 🙂

    • so are you guys all ready–just a few more days–I love it when people have fun with Halloween and you and your family certainly have the “spirit”

  9. I’m definitely in the cute/silly/goofy camp of Halloween instead of the bloody/skull-filled/gory side of things. I don’ think our current house has ghosts but I hope if any house we live in does, the ghosts are good dancers… 🙂

    • I tell all my ghosts that they have to take lessons–there are three places in our small town to learn how to dance so there is no excuse

  10. I’m a fan of magickal halloween. A reconnection to earth. The scary stuff is too scary. Although I do love the wee princesses and dragons running about.

  11. I’m one of those who like the warm and fussy types. I personally dressed up as an angle while at work (wings and all) on a halloween day several years ago. I had a lot of fun that day and every one loved the costume.

  12. I personally don’t care for the scary side of Halloween, I am more like the fun side, treating and the peanuts gang!!

  13. We own a hotel that was a large home built in civil war era. Guests over the years have sworn to see the ghost of a woman in an antebellum dress and another of a black man dressed as a slave. I, myself, have never witnessed these things, but our guests were adamant! You never know!!

  14. the great pumpkin story was one of my favorite charlie brown storys

  15. I am glad you are re-publishing some of your old-time blogs, LouAnn, because some of us weren’t your first five subscribers. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to see our follower list grow? Not scary at all! (Happy Halloween!)

  16. I’d say I’m half and half! I love the scary movies and I am intrigued by the idea of the paranormal, but I try not to make the decorations for the house too creepy, and I’ve never dressed up as anything scary. This year I’ll be handing out candy in Zebra footie pajamas 😛 Although trick or treating doesn’t usually get started until around 8 here.

  17. Halloween …. more warm and fuzzy for me. Memories of trick or treating in our small town with my best friends. Then memories of taking my children trick or treating. Memories of dressing up at school (as a student AND a teacher) (before it was politically incorrect) finally trying to keep up with the grandkids trick or treating! It’s all fun.

    • see– what you just described is my kind of Halloween–so silly that it fell out of favour for school

  18. I go both ways. I have to tread lightly in the scary department because my kids are quite young (4 and 2), but I have been known to go on the odd ghost hunt on various scary dates (Friday the 13th, All Hallows’ Eve, etc.) (I’m a bit of a believer. My husband and I, pre-kids, spent most of our vacations touring the various haunted walks that available in Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, etc. Perhaps we’ll plan a trip to Kingsville to visit with George 😉 )

    • it is a nice restaurant — if you come have something Greek off the menu– and pick me up on your way, I only live a few blocks away–I live in the fixer-upper on Melbourne (that is what you call it when your husband is a contractor and makes everyone else’s house pretty). There is a mock-up of George in the bar area/ I too like the mysterious, but not the scary,

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