~My Wish List for this Week ~ October 15 to October 20~

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Homefront-USB-Stick (4GB) (Photo credit: THQ Deutschland)

It is Sunday night, and we are on the cusp of another work week. Thought I might list some of the  things I need to get done this week and check it out at the end of the week and see if I made any progress.

There are a number of bloggers who make a list of things they need to get done or just want to get done during the week, post it, and then  survey their successes at the end of the week and gauge how they have done. It seems to work for them, and since I have not posted an Organizing Post for a long time, this should serve to catch me up. Without further ado, here is my To Do List for October 15th – 20th:

1. First things first: I must write my On The Homefront column for the week for my newspaper deadline, which is Monday, and as of 6:45 on Sunday night, have no idea what the topic will be.

2. Write up council news taken from last week’s council meeting—discounting all the drainage and sewage discussions this leaves me with a few hot topics: the parade that stood in danger of being cancelled; expansion of more greenhouses; and a development that got a reprieve and approval even though they “forgot” to meet their deadline. I am sure  a few more things will pop up when I peruse the agenda again.

3. Write up the article for the Wine, Writers and Words Workshop I helped organize for deadline so it makes it in this week’s paper.

4. Continue doing book work for our company. This involves a lot of filing, figuring, and finagling.  I found out this week that being half-organized  is almost worse than being totally unorganized. I just assume that nothing is in its place, and everything is unfiled and not where it should be–so  that when I find I have actually put some things where they belong I am surprised, so my next goal is —

5. Get everything into files—I have started a system, so now I just have to keep at it. I just have to retrace my half-organized steps so I do not have three files with the same name (you may not think this is possible, but in my world it is.)

6. Get some groceries and plan meals. Sounds easy but it is not. Or not for me. Will let you know how I do here. At least I have cleaned the fridge of any wanton leftovers from Thanksgiving.

7. Get the house in some semblance of order which means  get the pile of clothes off the bed and into the closet or drawers. Seriously, I cannot die suddenly, as my bedroom is in such a terrible mess I would be blushing in the next life over what I left behind.

8. Email my youngest son, Tyler who is at college and my sister Peggy every day. Expect to hear back from Peggy. Be surprised if Ty ever emails back. (I am one of his free calls on his phone, so we do talk often).

9. Do some kind of  post for this blog every day; keep up with my blogging friends.

10. Prepare a presentation for my Writers’ Group about blogging. (Something many of you have already generously contributed to.)

11. Work on my October book and an intro to my On The Homefront book—thinking of calling it “The Worst of On The Homefront.”

Okay, think I am getting carried away a bit here, but it will be interesting to see what I can cross off, what I can take a bite out of, and what goes by the wayside. Actually, on review, I am exhausted—whose idea was this anyway? This week may prove to be a long road with no turning,….

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A long road  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. That’s some list! I wish you well. 🙂

    • I can tell, you think I am crazy. Well, me too

  2. Well, you know me – I like to be positive – and there is good news in this list. You definitely won’t be bored this week :). Good luck with your goals, and by the way, I love lists!!

    • Then I just helped make your day–ha ha. It is an ambitious list but “go big or go home” is my new motto

  3. I had a friend who when sick would clean her house and make sure she had her shower and looked good, just in case she needed to go to the hospital or worse. I thought it was funny then but as I get older I understand more.

    • I do too – we are kind of warped aren’t we? In a funny way, not a weird way — okay, a little weird

      • No, it’s a funny way. Now that I’m older and cleaning is harder for me I worry that I will have a mess when someone stops to visit. These are my friends who know what I do and my limitations, so I would be horrified to have a stranger come in while I was in the middle of a mess due to a project or right after the little ones leave.

      • You and I need a little gentle therapy — we would not judge our friends — though my bedroom really is awful

      • I need more than gentle therapy some days. I am such a perfectionist that I drive myself crazy some days. 🙂

  4. I am a list maker too…. been looking at the same list in my notebook for about 3 weeks now. I cross one thing off, then tear the sheet off and recopy it adding even more. I guess I think if I recopy the list, I will be more motivated to start it…. however, it’s not working. Believe it or not 4,5, and 7 are also on my list as well as posting some social media events for a nonprofit organization I volunteer for…. somewhere in there I also need to get a hair cut.
    I worked better with deadlines… retirement has wreaked havoc with my skills

    • I so need deadlines! And I do what you do with my specific to do lists – recopy what I did not get done for the next week–sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. (I cut my own hair but it is long and not a specific short style)

  5. Wow, that is some list. I hope that by writing it down and planning on checking your progress at the end of the week will help you to accomplish a great deal.

    • Or at least give me something to work for–some of the things have to be done, but some may be ongoing

  6. I like lists too…..very satisfying to check everything off the list. Good luck with yours.

    • Thank you–some things will easily be crossed off–others we will just have to see

  7. Lets hope this gets done my friend I too love lists 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I hope so too 🙂

  8. I’m exhausted !!!

    • yes, I had the vapours after making that list – ha ha

  9. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Good luck! Be sure to take some time off every now and then so you don’t end up feeling burned out. D=

    • that is good advice – sometimes we forget to do this – thanks

  10. Do you really have to work so hard!!!!!
    Or is it all fun!

    • Some of it is fun – the office stuff isn’t but when it is done it is satisfying and off my back

  11. Wow! Good luck honey xx

    • I will certainly need it! Thanks Vikki

  12. Oh gracious, your list exhausted me just reading it and I thought I was busy. Take it slow and just tick those items off the list!! 🙂

    • maybe I should call this my year list, instead of weekly

      • You are going to be one busy bee 🙂

      • maybe it will keep me out of trouble–though it has been a while since I have actually been in trouble

  13. Brave! If I listed me Want To Do list,I’d also have to write a Will Probably Do list just so I wouldn’t fail so badly. I love lists, but I rarely ever complete them. I am, however, great at making to do lists for my husband. 🙂

    • I like Will Probably Do–or Will Consider Doing. Do your to do lists for your husband work? If so, send me your magic.

      • Occasionally. But I also run an incentive program simultaneously. 🙂

      • dare I ask?

      • Probably not. Though sometimes I bake cake.

      • that would work for me

  14. In the words of Larry the Cable Guy – Git er done!

    • hope that works – sounds like good incentive to me

  15. LouAnn, that line about sudden death made me really laugh out loud…here in the library. That was the motivation behind my super-duper-pooper-scooper clean up of the house this weekend….we’ve been hosting a lot of campaign stuff here and the place was a shambles.
    Good luck with your list, it’s a daunting one. There are days I like making a list and others that I just can’t imagine putting it all down on paper lest I become too overwhelmed.

    • I know what you mean — lists can be good, and they can be bad–so you have a clean house now? I am so jealous

      • clean-ER….

  16. I LOVE organization. It’s absolutely key to getting things done! All your to-do things sound fun, Lou Ann.

    • Now here is a girl who is encouraging — thank you Brigitte–now I am pumped. In fact I have already done 1, 2 and 6 and bits and pieces of the other ones. 🙂

  17. I’m a hopeless list maker and I really admire anyone who does this successfully. If I make a list I usually lose it and then need to make more lists of where I’ve kept my lists!

    You’ve got a full week ahead 😉

    • Yes, I do–we will just have to see if I can make any progress (btw, I like that you have to make a list of where you keep your lists!)

  18. Inspiring list. I’m not so good in making a list. I’m more of the spur of the moment guy which thank heavens is balance by my wife’s awesome ability to follow lists and details.

    • I am trying to be a little less spur of the moment–though I think it is a wonderful trait

  19. I love it when lists inspire me. I just read a book about a canoe trip and their grocery list fascinated me. This did the same, and inspired me to get going on mine!

    • I know – I was inspired by other people who put lists on their blogs — and any kind of list can be interesting

  20. That’s a huge to-do list. How did you get on? Did you accomplish all your jobs during the week? Some days I have a long list of things to do and feel a great sense of achievement when all the boxes have been ticked!

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