My theme for this year is finding my bliss—and though I have given up writing about it every day an E-mail I received this morning from my sister Peggy reminded me of those glorious moments we want to capture and make last. While bliss moments may be fleeting, they are plentiful if we learn to recognize them.

First Peggy’s bliss moment: dangling her feet in the water while sitting on the dock at her cottage on a lovely little lake. It was just a few moments in time but moments that counted. And they counted because she appreciated them.

Summer can be full of blissful moments:

Sitting in the yard, smelling the freshly mown grass, reading a book, and sipping on a cold lemonade with your feet up. Even those tiny fluorescent green bugs that seem to love the tree you are sitting under are not too bothersome—in fact if you look at them closely they are just another wonder of nature. (Really, I am not on drugs!)

Summer Window

Summer Window (Photo credit: mystuart)

Sweeping off the back porch – a retro and simple thing – an odd bliss moment but one that is relaxing and productive at the same time.

Hearing the mailbox clatter shut and knowing the mailman has delivered the mail and there might be a magazine or a card, or even (gasp) a cheque waiting for you. And no matter that on some days you just get flyers and bills, there is always hope for tomorrow.

Looking out at the street after the garbage truck has been by and seeing that they picked up everything you put out.

The sigh at the end of the day when your work is done and you can relax. Not all days are like this—sometimes the work day goes into the evening, but those days when you can call time your own for a while are blissful.

There are so many moments of bliss—tell me about a moment of  unexpected summer bliss for you.

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  1. Morning coffee and a wonderful post reminding me early in the day to notice blissful moments like this..:-)

  2. Smiled and nodded all the way through this post. Right now at 515am– my bliss is that my hubs made the coffee! Time to stumble and get some. Next bliss? Breakfast with a dear friend, a busy library and the four o’clock quitting bell. Have a great day LouAnn!

    • you have a great day too and we will meet back here at 5

      • 🙂

  3. Sometimes the simple things are the most blissful. Finding time to read blogs in the morning is definitely high on my bliss list. Thanks for the reminder and have a great weekend.

  4. This summer…seeing the new sod being laid and not having to look at mud especially when it rained…. who’d thought grass would give me such a feeling of ‘bliss’…. Diane

  5. Had another moment of bliss reading your blog….thanks Lou, xo

  6. Waking up this morming with my granddaughter in my arms. She spent the night and sometime about 5am, crawled into my bed. Too tired to take her back, I just let her stay. But her sweet little face was cheek-to-cheek with me when I awoke at 7am and her arm was around my neck. Bliss.

  7. One of my favourite bliss moments from my childhood was sailing along Lake Ontario on our boat with my feet dragging in the water on a hot day, or my dad tying a rope to the stern of the boat and dragging us behind in the water as we sailed along the lake. Ahhhhh, those were the days my friend :).

    • what a lovely memory – water and summer just go together–better than wood and cement!

  8. Is there vodka in the cold lemonade? That would be blissful for me.

    • a girl after my own heart!

      • Or gin. I’m not too picky like someone we know

      • Hey now :). You’d better not be talking about me…..

      • You? Of course not. Your evil twin maybe

      • Ya ya that’s it 🙂

      • I’m sure Mike understands

  9. waking early and realizing it’s Saturday
    walking into the kitchen and seeing no dirty dishes
    wondering how a friend is doing then suddenly hearing their voice on the other end of the line
    watching a thunderstorm roll in holding the hand of someone you love

    • well you certainly know how to answer a question!

      • I just took my final exam. So, I’m in question answering mode.

  10. Lounging in the sun whilst my daughter plays with a tub of water, lovely.

  11. These red geraniums, LouAnn. We’re in Taos, NM this weekend for a little R&R and went to a very popular New Mexican Restaurant for lunch yesterday. It was colorful and the food, delicious. And throughout the patio, they had hung #10 tomato cans on the posts filled with red geraniums. LOVED it!

    • isn’t it funny how something so unusual will hit you and appeal to your sense of whimsy and fun and bliss?

      • Yes! Those surprising, delights. I found myself thinking/feeling – that really works! And what a great way to reuse!

      • you have given me an idea………

      • 🙂 Cant wait to hear…

      • thinking that a few cans of those geraniums would cheer up my front porch

  12. I hope to add a memory of summer bliss today with my 1st ever summer family gathering hosted at my house this evening!
    Happy Friday 🙂

  13. Well, I happen to be living in winter bliss at the moment. Perfect temperatures, with just a sprinkling of rain now and again. 🙂

  14. My moment of bliss was yesterday, celebrating July 4th with my family (all of us are finally back together after nearly 2 years!) sitting on a picnic blanket at the beach munching on sandwiches. Stuff like this is good for the soul. 😉

    • what is even better for the soul is the fact that you appreciate it so much–what a lovely reunion

  15. Summer bliss – which is still many many months away for me, is usually about the little boy being home from school. I love that. He will come in and snuggle up ( probably not this year as he’s 11 now and too big to snuggle, or so he says) and we will make breakfast together with out any hurrying for work or school.

    • it is nice to have those times when everyone does not have to charge out the door in the morning–eleven year olds will snuggle as long as you don’t call it snuggling (or mine did)

      • True. I’ve changed it to doing mum a favour and he’s all for it again.

  16. Thanks for helping me recall those little blissful moments in an otherwise duty-driven day. Today I stopped all chores and lay down to rest. A cool little breeze felt delicious and even though I only stayed there a few minutes, it was the refresher I needed to go on.

  17. Morning coffee, quiet house, kitty and me listening to the birds chirping outside while knowing that all are healthy, happy and at home upstairs in their beds.

    • that is such a wonderful feeling–I so remember thinking all was right with the world when my family was home and tucked in their beds

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