A Bat Flinger from Way Back

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Always curious Michelle asks today: Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.

I am not a sports fan per se. But I understand sports fandom. At various points in my life I have followed basketball—going to high school and university games to cheer my school on, and then attending the games my eldest son was involved in. He was on basketball teams for nine years and he coached basketball camp for many a summer. The thing about basketball is I sort of understand it—unlike many other games, in particular football. I do not understand football—you get the ball, you run, and people pile on top of you. Sometimes you throw the ball. This is my full and total understanding of football.

I have attended a few hockey games and on the whole I like the game, but am not too big on the violence—and no matter what you say there is violence in hockey. And football. And to a lesser extent basketball. Not a lot of violence in baseball unless you get hit in the head with the ball or a flung bat.

Truth be told, I like badminton. And today I explained why to my husband. If you get hit with the birdie, you do not get hurt. Getting hit with a ball generally hurts, getting hit by other people generally hurts, getting hit by a bat hurts (I know this because I flung my bat at my grade six teacher when I was eleven and he had trouble not crying out in pain. I did not mean to hit him—I was just so excited that I hit the ball I randomly {and with some velocity} threw my bat and ran to first base.)

I have watched baseball and to me it is a real yawner unless your kid is playing. It is still a yawner then but at least you have a focus. When I was in grade 10 my French teacher was a real Detroit Tiger’s baseball fan, so during the playoffs we listened to baseball instead of conjugating verbs. I liked not conjugating verbs, but to this day my French is sorely lacking. It really was not the fault of this teacher though, but I need someone to blame….

Okay, what was the original question? Am I sports fan and if not, why. Sports and I have had a spotty relationship—I am not really athletically inclined, though I always fall back on the fact that I never really tried either. To be good at sports you need to be focused. You need to practice. You need to know your left foot from your right. I only own one of those criteria and I will not tell you which one.

I have been in the stands with people who are pure fans and I love their enthusiasm as long as they keep the swearing, booing, and yelling directions under wraps. I love a cheerful fan. In fact cheerful fans make me want to belong to their numbers. There is community in being a fan—and I like that aspect—just don’t thrown me a football, bounce a  basketball at me, or ask me to punt………..

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