I am not doing too badly with my new gluten-free diet–though I have decided to cut myself a bit of slack and not worry when I inadvertently eat something that has gluten. Saying that–did you know that licorice has wheat flour in it? I didn’t until I had enjoyed six of the little devils (the nibs not the whole long string thing) and decided to look on the package. Right under the words sucrose-fructose (I know, I know–sugar is no better for me than gluten) were the words wheat flour.

I did not spit the offending cherry flavoured nuggets out, but neither did I take another handful. Alas and alack.

I have received a lot of good advice and cheering on from you my blogger friends–so if anyone wants to read some great thoughts on the subject–just read my post from the other day Am I Crazy? There are a lot of wonderful comments.

And changing the subject here–I have a new blog just about writing–if you are interested, go to

writers experience everything twice.

Okay, enough self promotion for one day–but if you want to share your gluten-free advice feel free.

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  1. Watch out for soy sauce!

  2. Yep, good advice. Watch out for soy sauace. All the bad press, allergic reaction, associated with MSG was really due to soy sauce. 😈

    • I will keep that bit of knowledge handy–have not used it for a while–so may just stay away from the stuff–always found it a bit too salty for my taste anyway

  3. Lou, I’m not gluten free but I stay away from the bad carbs and I feel much better. I wrote an article about how gluten can really play havoc with some. Those with celiac disease have it the worst. It’s the inflammation that causes so many problems. Good luck to you!

    • is your article on your blog? I would be very interested to read it–thanks for the good luck

  4. I have a good friend who’s had stomach/autoimmune problems her entire life. She went gluten-free, pounds fell off, and she feels better than she has in ages. So go for it! (I’m off to your writing blog now – great!)

  5. Well fortunately I don’t seem to have issues with gluten. But I have some family members who try to avoid it. Amazing how it can hide in foods that you wouldn’t guess would contain any trace of gluten! Good luck! ~ Sheila

    • thanks Sheila–I have kind of fallen off the wagon (already)–but I am at least cutting down

  6. LouAnn, you may be interested in checking out this blog.

  7. Good luck with your new diet. I am going to read your “Am I crazy?” blog now.

  8. Good luck my friend! You are very brave, but the gluten free choices these days are fantastic 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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