Am I Crazy?

I am not sure about a decision I have just made. I have decided to go gluten free to see if it makes a difference in my life. I have aches and pains that someone my age (in my estimation) should not have. My younger sister swears by her gluten-freeness. And since I think she knows a thing or two, I am going to give it a try—but not without a little bit of whining.

Okay, be prepared—here is my whining:

There is no one on this green earth who loves bread (the staff of life) more than I do. I love bread and all its incarnations. I love all the things that are derived from wheat flour. I am going to miss them. I tried some gluten-free bread today—and toasted it for a BLT—and it was not bad. I tried some gluten-free crackers, and they were not to my taste. Maybe I will get used to them.
I made my son a grilled cheese sandwich from some nice soft white bread (with fibre). It was so lovely and soft—I could imagine it slathered with butter and just melting in my mouth. I have never looked at sandwich bread with such envy before.

Why—you ask?
My legs feel like lead when I get up in the morning. I can barely bend my knees and I stump around for a while trying to get my legs to work. My sister says it may be inflammation caused by gluten and that she suffered the same way until she gave it up. She is helping me out with advice and recipes. Apparently there are levels of gluten intolerance—celiac disease being the worst and then several levels of sensitivity to it. I am almost hoping my experiment fails so I can eat bread—but if I get the bounce back in my step it will be worth it. Maybe I have just a slight sensitivity so I may be able to eat some bread—I guess only time will tell.

There are studies and then there are studies. Some of the latest say that we need a certain amount of gluten; others poo poo this as just another craze; and still others tout it as the best thing since (gluten free) sliced bread. So, obviously the jury is out.

Will I Survive?
I am not sure. If you have any words of encouragement I would appreciate it. Some of my Facebook friends have come through with good advice—but I could use more voices—and if you are a dissenting voice—that is okay too.

I am going to keep a diary of my progress. Two days so far—though I made a mistake yesterday and had half a beer.

Positive Outlook
Today I emailed my sister and told her that I was going to try and look at this new “diet” as not about what I have to give up, but what I can eat. I am not sure I have convinced myself of this yet—but hey, whatever works.

So, help me on this road which sounds unpaved and bumpy with any advice you may have. And keep the French bread away from me!

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I have a new site you might be interested in. It is: writers experience everything twice.

Join me there — it will have mostly writerly content and reviews of books on writing and maybe some wild and crazy creative dabbling.

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Summer Nights

Charmed by a cool breeze
She pulled her sweater tightly
Around her tanned arms.

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