Analyze This!

I am feeling a bit uneasy and cannibalistic discussing this but did you know that how you eat gingerbread boy tells a lot about you? There are so many ways we can self-analyze ourselves, but I found this one particularly entertaining.

Apparently if you eat the head first, says Dr. Alan Hirsch, you are a natural born leader. I always eat the head first. For some reason it just makes sense to me. As for the natural born leader stuff, well, maybe—because I am not a very good follower. Just ask any man I have ever slow danced with or with whom I have ever slow danced if you are in proper grammar mood (although I am not 100% sure of this as I am getting a bit spongy.)

Dr. Hirsch is the neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, and one would think he had better things to do than analyze how we eat our gingerbread—but apparently not. Personally I think he may have just made up this seasonal anecdote, but I am a bit sceptical by nature.

If his analysis is true, then I wish that I ate the left arm of my gingerbread boy first because that means that I am creative. I am going to stay away from the right arm altogether though, as eating it first means you are pessimistic. I do not need any more pessimism in my life, so if you see a trail of gingerbread right arms anywhere, you will know I have been there.

Now, eating the legs is a whole different ball game—if you prefer to start there it means you are sensitive. I do not start with the legs, but my husband often says I have “delicate sensibilities” which translated means of course, that I am a pain in the neck, and possibly down a bit further. So it is amazing that I do not eat the legs first, but I don’t. (Are you lookin’ at me?)

The article from which I gleaned these fascinating facts was written by an unknown editor in the December Food Network magazine. It was accompanied by a picture of a gingerbread boy with his mouth likened to the famous “Scream” painting, and there was a bite out of his head. A little unsettling to say the least—maybe I will forego eating any gingerbread boys this season.

So, where do you take your first bite into a gingerbread boy?

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