Holiday Bubble

A bubble.

A bubble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WordPress Krista, in her prompt today wants us to tell about a moment of clarity, when a solution appeared to a “big ol’ problem” as if we were struck by lightning.

Speaking for myself, all my moments of clarity were only clear to me and did not translate into a solution. But I am still waiting and hoping…………..

In the meantime, the holiday bubble has been temporarily broken and it is back to work for a few days—then the New Year’s bubble will take over for a couple of days. I am still in the holiday mood—but reality has knocked at the door, and I must answer. But tonight—I will return to my bubble……….

Are you still in the bubble—or has it burst for you?

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  1. I’m still in my bubble….though arguably I think I’m always in a bubble of some kind or another!

  2. Back to work yesterday, but how can I complain? I was away for almost two weeks with eight days of that in Bonaire?

  3. Yep, the bubble burst…..hubby headed back to work today, rushing around, looking for his phone, realizing he’s late…..ahhh, maybe I can slip into the bubble again.

  4. POP!! Pop pop like popcorn
    Back to the grind

    • do you ever watch community–one of the minor characters always says Pop, pop, pop–and everyone loves him–obviously he is not bursting holiday bubbles!

      • Haa. I’ll check it out

  5. […] Holiday Bubble ( […]

  6. I, too, had to temporarily break my bubble to come back to work today, but then I am off work until Jan. 6th so I can’t complain :).

    • A temporary break–it will make you enjoy the rest of your holidays even more–happy new year!

      • Same to you, but being in this bubble is really really not good. I FORGOT THE MYSTERY PHOTO!!!!!! Trying to find something on my phone I can post quickly. I have never forgotten it ever!!!

      • you forgot because when a holiday is midweek it is like it is always the weekend–I look forward to it–but find something easy–my brain is clogged by having pie for breakfast and lunch!

      • Hey, I want pie too please. What kind is it? You should see how much chocolate Mikey put in my stocking. I really need help eating it or I’m going to be a complete blimp. Too bad you don’t live closer :(.

      • had cherry pie for breakfast and banana cream for lunch–at least I am getting some fruit–I feel my pants tightening as I tap this out

      • Oooh that sounds yummy!! I stepped on the scales this morning and just about fainted, so no scales for a few weeks until all the holiday food is gone!!

      • Mystery Photo is up :).

      • what the heck is it?

      • I know for sure that you can figure this one out LouAnn :).

  7. My husband’s company is closed down until New Year’s Day, so we’re still in the bubble 🙂 But I’m relieved that Christmas is over.

  8. I love the Christmas season but by the time the ‘day’ actually comes and goes it is rather a tiring time and so am ready for ‘vegging out’……….Diane

  9. Today my visitors are gone and it is cleanup day with a pause for a reality check. The holiday bubble has not quite burst but it’s inflating to that point. Tired? I am ready for a long winter’s nap with no reindeer on the roof.

    • I know, I can never nap but lately it has come easily–I think I am in recovery–but good recovery

  10. Fully in the bubble (thankfully!)

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