Christmas Spirit Captured

christmas spirit

christmas spirit (Photo credit: spapax)

The wing chair has been moved from its usual spot to clear a space for the Christmas tree. I have vacuumed the sacred spot and ruined the lives of a few spiders and dust bunnies. Someone is taking a nap on the couch, and son number two is “just checking his emails” so I await a rested husband and an up to date son to help me deck my halls.

I am determined to get the tree up today. It is long past due according to my inner holiday calendar but unexpected  life events sometime takes precedence. It is important to get the tree up, to ensconce it in lights, and trim it in ornaments that have been nestled in their boxes for lo these eleven months.

I have decorated many a Christmas tree and no longer fuss about hiding the cords on the lights as I know that once it is trimmed that will not matter. I cannot wait to bask in just the glow of the tree lights  tonight  and dream about Christmases past and enjoy Christmas present. Christmas future I will leave to take care of itself.

I have now caught the Christmas spirit. She was being a bit slippery this year, but I finally struggled with the demonic powers that were scaring her away and won. My victory, though hard won is intact and I am ready for whatever the holiday season throws my way.

christmas paint

(Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

Did you have any trouble summoning your Christmas spirit this year?

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  1. My Christmas spirit tends to slip and slide almost every year, but gets rekindled when the tree is decorated. I love this post because it says it all. 🙂

  2. Glad you caught the holiday spirit!

  3. I hope the spirit lasts and lasts and lasts…long past the season

  4. The minute the tree is up and lit up, I feel it!

  5. We finally got a little start on our holiday preparations this week, so I am hoping the spirit finds us soon. We put up a real tree, so it is a little early for that yet, but it is always nice to sit and watch the lights at night once it is up

    • I love having a real tree but not the watering and short term of it–I may start the tradition again–we used to get a real tree all the time and cut off a section of the trunk and write a year on it and hang it in the next tree

      • I’ve never heard of that tradition – what a great idea.

  6. Yes! We have just been so busy what with decorating and visitors but today we bought the tree and it smells wonderful. Hopefully, we will decorate it this week….. At the moment it sits outside in a bucket of water keeping fresh. 🙂

    • yes- real trees have a bit shorter life than my bedraggled tree I hauled up from the basement–but once decorated it looks beautiful

  7. I always seem to have trouble getting the Christmas glow go, but have found that putting a few old ornaments out each day serves to ‘get me in the mood.’

  8. We’re driving up to NJ to spend Christmas with our son and family. Knowing them, they will have enough Christmas decorations for the whole city. I’ll really get the Christmas spirit when I see those excited little faces. 🙂

  9. No trouble getting in the spirit….grandchildren have a way of getting you in the spirit and keeping you there.

    • what a great day you had — all those Christmas cookies–a beautiful sight–got me in the spirit

  10. Everything is a little behind this year at our house because we made the mistake of doing some redecorating in November that carried on into December. Remind me to never do that again :). Most of the shopping is done though thank goodness, and I hope we can do our tree next weekend. Glad you found your Christmas spirit!

    • yes I did–but decorating for Christmas in a redecorated house will be fun

      • Well, it’s only Daniel’s room that we redid, and we don’t put any Christmas decorations in there, but at least all his crap is back in his room and not all over the house :). Christmas tree next weekend I’m hoping!!

      • so there will be more house to decorate! Good luck next weekend–you have lots of time!

      • Thanks my friend :).

  11. Tomorrow I MUST start my Christmas cards…. We do have our tree up…. but you probably know why I’m having a bit of a time truly getting into the spirit… But I am trying and must!…. Diane

    • I gave up doing Christmas cards a long time ago–I do send a few out but not dozens–I hope you have peace this Christmas despite the things that have not come together yet–maybe they will over the holidays

  12. Yes a bit of trouble summoning…. several dear friends with serious health problems, husband’s back surgery (postponed too long) and a late Thanksgiving makes it difficult.
    At the same time, those are the things that make the Christmas spirit all the more important. I am getting there.

    • yes–once it takes effect it will help counteract all those hard things for at least a while–I hope things calm down for you — good luck to your husband and friends–health issues are so hard to face

  13. Ha! That’s me, every year. We’re waiting another week to put up a tree, when my oldest comes home for a brief visit. But that is my favorite part of the holiday season, and I know once it’s up and decorated I’ll feel happy about it. Glad you got in the Christmas groove 🙂

    • I understand why it is your favourite part and sharing it with your family makes it so much more precious

  14. I’ve been missing out on a bit of the Christmas spirit for the past two years since I was in Taiwan and they’re not big on Christmas. This year however, is more than making up for it because everywhere I go I’m given reminders about it (and have been since the end of October). Christmas markets, winter markets, Christmas-themed events, etc. etc. have been going on for the past three weeks so I’m definitely feeling the spirit. Glad you are too. 🙂

    • love having all the festivity around–it does make one happier doesn’t it?

  15. […] Christmas Spirit Captured ( […]

  16. This year has indeed difficult on my Christmas spirit. But my children are keeping it active or at least trying to. Although I may not have much Christmas spirit, I know the Lord is very much deep in my heart and right now that is all that matters for me right now.

    • Some years are like that–thank goodness for children–they can help bring us out of the doldrums and into the present to enjoy a moment or two

  17. 12 more sleeps …

    • that brings back the old days when my kids were little and this is how we counted down the days–thanks for the memories

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