Up a Creek Without a Paddle

English: "The Red Canoe," watercolor...

English: “The Red Canoe,” watercolor, by the American artist Winslow Homer. Courtesy of the Peabody Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Casting off in a canoe without paddles

Unearthing a smooth slender but substantial twig

that reached to the
shallow bottom

She carefully steered the boat out into the pond.

The water was calm

The journey short ~


Bliss often  comes from “making
do”. Have you ever found bliss by “making do”?

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  1. I love Winslow Homer. What a great poem, LouAnn. I feel I am without my paddles lately, always looking for a twig. Sometimes I find one over here at your place. 🙂
    Have a beautiful day, friend.

    • hope it is a “substantial” twig and not one that lets you down- I love that painting–you and I are just going to have to make do, and we will do it well!

  2. Beautiful poem… Thank you dear. I am a crazy one, always want to make something… But mostly photography takes all my time… Have a nice weekend, love, nia

  3. Sometimes making do means keeping things simplistic so then yes, I find alot of bliss in simplicity of life. Great poem LouAnn

  4. I know we have exchanged comments on this before — and in fact one of my posts in the past month or so was on “making do” as good enough! Sometimes it is the only way to find out bliss, by removing the constant expectations to do more, do better, and instead just be and enjoy the moment.

  5. Making do is a challenge, and challenges keep us thinking. However, some days I don’t want to think 😉

  6. Btw….love the poem.

  7. What a lovely poem to choose my friend. I have to say, you do feel blissful satisfaction in making do when others will need more in the same situation.


    • thank you for liking my “make do” poem–do you ever have to make do in the kitchen?

  8. I have made do most of my life so it’s second hand to me ..
    great poem too!!

    • I have had to at times–and find that it stretches my creativity whether I want it to or not

  9. I think making do is definitely one those things that turn out to be surprisingly blissful. Once you let go of the need to make things perfect, you realize “making do” is often even better than perfection. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  10. A great poem. Take what you have and work with it for that is often better that being given everything you need. It makes you think, question, be creative, and appreciate life and the simplicity of a canoe paddle.

    • could not have said it better myself – so true, and those of us with kids know double time

  11. Such a gentle, pretty picture to go with the words. 🙂

  12. Love the challenge of making things work! We’re camping in the RV for a couple of weeks, and that’s an excellent environment for this exercise! Lots of making do here, particularly with cooking…don’t have all my kitchen tools duplicated here…and of course I cook differently too. But it’s fun when you make a game out of it! ~ Sheila

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