The Reality of Bliss

Cover of "Merriam Webster Dictionary"

Cover of Merriam Webster Dictionary

Breaking it down into its very simplest components, blissfulness is aptly described by the online Merriam -Webster Dictionary as “a feeling or state of well-being and contentment”.

Even more fundamentally Merriam-Webster  expressed it so that even the most simple-minded (me) could understand, using it in a sentence that it near and dear to most of our hearts. From their descriptive sentence we can understand the word clearly:  “the blissfulness that only a full stomach and warm bed can bring”. In other words, most of us can capture bliss.

Do you ever think about those who cannot capture it even in this most fundamental way? Those who do not have enough food to feel full, or a warm bed to lay their weary heads?

I find myself complaining at my lot in life sometimes. But there are some who would never even consider bliss to be an option. I am happy to be able to discuss and define and actually experience bliss.

I have nothing clever or funny to say today–but the reality that I can write about bliss is blissful.

Is bliss a full stomach and warm bed?

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