Tea With Jane

This haiku is dedicated to an old friend of mine whom I shared many a cup of tea and secrets~

A cup of steamed tea ~

Warmth laced with old memories

Of shared confidences.

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Christmas spirit is………….

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” ~ Edna Ferber

Christmas is a feeling—one so strong you can reach out and touch it, savour it, respond to it. When we talk about Christmas spirit, I imagine a diaphanous spectre with gossamer wings, but in truth:

Detail of original engraving "The Hours&q...

 gossamer wings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spirit of Christmas

Cloaks our soul in warmth and love

Safely swaddling us ~

What do you think Christmas spirit is?

Simple Pleasures

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream

Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The chill in my bones

Is warmed by hot chocolate

Whipped cream on my nose

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