Happy B Day Tyler!


My youngest son Tyler is 23 today. Twenty-three years ago he decided to come about 7 weeks earlier than his due date. He was three pounds five ounces. Today he is six foot one and over two hundred pounds. What a difference 23 years make.

Tyler describes himself as a man-child: he would fit right in with the Big Bang Theory guys except he rejects them as too stereotypical—and Tyler is anything but stereotypical. He just moved back home a few months ago after going to college in a city a couple of hours away and has his Marketing Diploma and a bunch of skills learned while living away from home. He knows how to cook a bit and clean up after himself, and do his own laundry—important life skills that translate into an independent young man.

He is caught up in trying to find a job so he can start paying off his student loans, and is worried about his future. I am thrilled to have him home, and since I do not know how long he is going to be here, I have to savour the moments.

We have watched Community and Parks and Recreation in marathon sessions. We have an occasional glass of wine together though beer is his drink of choice. We could both eat pizza every night though I think I might tire of it first.

He is my youngest—when he was gone my nest was pretty quiet. I love having him home and do not look forward to him leaving again, but it is inevitable. Until then I will enjoy him, and on his birthday, celebrate him.


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Freakin’ Friday Bliss

Emmy graphic

Emmy graphic (Photo credit: Alan Light)

No, I have not been nominated for the ABC award (Awesome Blog Award) I assume because of the No Awards message on my blog. Although I still get nominations for other awards, I am just too lazy to accept them because I don’t want to fulfill the obligations (but I must say I am honoured when nominated). I want to celebrate my fellow bloggers as much as the next person, but I have to do it when I am inspired. If it becomes a chore, then it is not as much fun.

Having said all of that, I am going to pretend that I have been nominated because I like the concept of finding a word or phrase that means something to me alphabetically, and because I can think of nothing else to post about today. I just read another blogger’s list and found it quite interesting—but they said it was not as easy as it seems. So here goes:

Beautiful Red

Beautiful Red (Photo credit: Krug6)

A: Okay, I am stuck already so I will go with Apple or Awesome (a word I never use, but I do eat apples) Wait, wait—Adam—the name of my firstborn

B: Bliss (you know I had to work it in somewhere, and it is my word of the year)

C: Connie—my walking partner—she makes me walk and so that is why I am in as good a shape as I am (you have to take my word for it—no pictures) and Chocolate for my Looney friend and me.

D: Doppelganger—apparently we all have one—mine is a singer in Niagara Falls

E: Excellent – always liked seeing that on a report card; hated Satisfactory

F: Fungus – aren’t mushrooms fungus?

G: Gee, as in gee golly gosh

H: Happy

I: Indigo—such a nice word for blue

J: John—my husband; and my brother John (these are two different Johns–nothing funny here); and while we are at it, Jim, my other brother

K: “Kay”, as in okay

L: Lou (my nickname); and lace

English: Lace Nederlands: kant

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

M: Money (hey, I’m honest)

N: Nickelback (why do so many people make fun of them – I don’t know their music but their name popped into my mind for some reason—maybe because I like underdogs)

O: Okay—the long form of “kay”

English: Earrings with pearls

English: Earrings with pearls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P: Peggy – my sister and one of my favourite people; and Pearls

Q: I love the letter Q—guess I will go for quirky which is what I think of the letter Q

R: Restaurant—a place where I do not have to cook

S: Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory – my son gave me a bobble head of Sheldon—he is sitting on the shelf just above my head

T: Tyler – my second born; also Thumb is at the forefront of my mind today—cause I have an awful infection in mine and am going to have to seek medical help—hopefully not amputation

U: Understanding (I need this from the people I know and love)

V: Victory

W: Woo Hoo; or we’re as in “we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time”—the hue and outcry of my university days

X: X-men – something my youngest son likes—video game, super heroes, movie—I am not sure—could be one and all

Y: Yes—(self-explanatory)

Z: Zephyr—don’t know why—just like this word

So what does this tell you about me—I love my family; I am quirky; and you do not want to say “no” to me—it can either be “kay”, okay or yes. And I will be trying to get a doctor’s appointment today before my thumb falls off—which is freaking hard to do in my neck of the words—I can hear the receptionist now—”I can give you an appointment in the first week of July, or last day of September, or January 2, 2015.”

Bliss is getting in to see the doctor when you need to—will update you on whether I achieved bliss today. What one thing would give you bliss today?

Oh, and by the way, I agree with the blogger twindaddy who said it was not as easy as it seems. Check out his 26.

~ I’ll Show You Cute ~


Nostalgic today. This is my 21 year old son Tyler about fifteen years ago — adorable isn’t he? This is my first real picture on this blog–what do you think? (He would die of embarrassment if he knew I was doing this).

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