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Interior Design

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Conclusion: We cannot be left to our own devices to choose how we want to decorate our homes. We are just not ‘on trend’ enough.

I have come to this conclusion due to the many, many home magazines that take it upon themselves to tell us what is on trend, and how we can incorporate this “trendiness” into our otherwise dismal and dull lives.  Sometimes they will even use the word trend itself beside a chosen item, just in case we are too thick to recognize the trend.  A trend by whatever definition you want to use can be a craze, a “look”, a fad, or a specific style considered in vogue. One thing all trends have in common is that they are fleeting.

I have never been trendy, preferring instead to use whatever innate skills I may have to “decorate” my home, but I must admit that these magazines do provide inspiration and creative vision when mine seems to be on vacation. And let’s face it—most of us are not born with perfect decorating skills. At times, we need to be directed ever so gently so we can hone and perfect whatever skills we may possess.

Some of the design books are *outré niche oriented. I came across one that was touted as a ‘must have’ called, “When is a chair not a chair”. To me the answer is obvious, but if someone wrote a whole book on the topic, then it must be a little deeper subject than I give it credit for.

As a writer I have had the occasion to meet a number of bone fide interior decorators and interior designers. They are really quite lovely people, but they speak a different language than most of us. And their eye for detail is, well, exhaustively in depth and meticulous, which is why, I suppose, they are hired. At one time I thought that hiring an interior designer or decorator was just a waste of money, but for those who can afford it (and I will count myself among them once I win the lottery, or write the Great Canadian novel and have it made into a movie of the week) they are worth their weight in gold. Seriously, these people know what they are talking about. And they are not just trendy, trying to force their vision on those who hire them. They listen to what their clients want and become in essence their “fairy godmother” and/or the male equivalent.

My advice to anyone wanting to change things up a bit, but do not have much money is to take what you have and place it in a different room (no, this does not mean putting your bathtub in the living room).  Alas, this is not an original idea of mine—I read it somewhere, but I think it is good counsel. Also, you can create little design vignettes throughout your house with books and pictures and loved objets d’art. I have little vignettes throughout my house that are intentional, and I have some that are unintentional. The unintentional vignettes take the form of stacks of files and papers and books in my office and folded but not put away laundry. Most people would not refer to these as vignettes, but “a mess” sounds so crass.

As with all things, being on trend is in the mind of the beholder. Though orange seems to be the on trend colour this year, if you are not a pumpkin fanatic as I am, you might find it hard to incorporate this colour into your decorating scheme. My advice: forget about it and just surround yourself with the things you like.

*outré means excessively in this context—just wanted you to think I was smart.

On Trend for 2012

You can thank me later. Flowers and chocolates are also acceptable rewards. To keep you up to date and on trend, I am providing for you “What is In and What is Out” for 2012. Of course I am not savvy enough or sustainably “with it” enough to come in with what is in and what is out by myself, so I turn to Detroit News Design Writer, Sue Pollack, who either has the audacity or expertise or the audacious expertise to predict what will be trending for 2012, and what is to be left by the wayside.

I do not in any way agree with all her predictions, and saying that people are out of fashion is not something I approve of, but I do love 2012’s new colour of the year: Tangerine Tango. I love orange in all of its flashy glory, from yellow oranges to this year’s tangy “high energy hue” which Pollack says is turning up in everything from “appliances and ottomans to pillows and throw rugs.” She says that it is “the perfect antidote to winter blues and all the recent doom and gloom.” (I think the Mayan prediction that the world is going to end in December is the doom and gloom she is referring to.)

Unfortunately if Tangerine Tango is the new colour, then there must be an old colour—and its demise is not one I will miss. Honeysuckle pink is apparently no longer the reigning queen of colours. Now pink is not at the top of my list of favourite colours, but if it is one of yours, I give you permission to ignore tangerine tango, or unite the two in a burst of colour combination and co-ordination henceforth unknown. Will pink and orange be the new black and white? Not in my world, but if it is in your world, the more power to you.

It just figures when I finally get a pair of Uggs (mine are fake Uggs) they are out. Supposedly L.L. Bean duck boots are in. But are they made of doe coloured suede with a plush lining? I think not. I will save duck boots for the spring thank-you and cuddle into my fake Uggs for the rest of this thus far mild winter.

I have a few bones to pick with Pollack (besides the one that has now labelled me a foot fashion has-been.)  She says Nate Berkus is out and the new program “The Chew” is in. Have you ever watched “The Chew”? The high level of enthusiasm is over the top and sometimes frenetic—I think some of the people featured on that program (Carla) could give you a seizure. I like Nate’s calm, cool, and collected demeanour—by no means would I replace him.

Susan Boyle, Charlie Sheen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are out, replaced by Michael Buble, Ryan Goslisng and William and Kate.

Lost (Michael Bublé song)

Lost (Michael Bublé song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Live With Regis and Kelly” is out and Dr. Oz is in. I would like to know how you get to make these pronouncements.  Has anyone told Susan or Regis that they are out? I can just imagine that call—“Hello, I am calling to inform you that you may as well roll up the rug of your life, as you are no longer “in”. You are out of favour, out of style, and may as well turn in your keys.”

As you have probably gathered, I read these lists out of interest, but not because they are a guide to running your life in 2012. If you like ski masks and small brim fedoras, recessed lighting, frozen Yogurt, country crafts, pop-tarts, Craig Ferguson, clogs, and fast-food drive-thrus, then stay true to you and do not replace them with critter caps and trapper hats with mega earflaps, hanging light fixtures, Greek yogurt, kids’ art projects, steel cut oats, Jimmy Fallon, moccasins, or food trucks.

Myself, I will mix and match my “ins” and “outs” but probably not replace them, with one rather pointed exception. For some reason, bullying was on the 2011 list and has been replaced by acceptance for 2012. I would like to know when “bullying” was ever in. It was not “in” in 2011. I imagine it was put on the list to foster acceptance—but to ever put it on a list as “de rigeur”, even in the past, is just wrong.

These lists are valuable in that they predict the trends, but better than that, they make us think about what we hold near and dear, and what we are willing to let go. I do not mind if honeysuckle pink is no longer “in”, but it may be your favourite colour, and I respect that. I am happy my favourite colour is going to enjoy the spotlight, but when it is out of favour next year, I will not abandon tangerine tango.

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