Day Ten ~ 200 Words

English: There are no symbols that represent s...

English: There are no symbols that represent skepticism. This is one symbol that can be used to represent skepticism, skeptical inquiry, critical thinking, critical inquiry, and truth-seeking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Without sacrificing skepticism, I’ve tempered my cynicism, and my world is a little more magical as a result.” – Matthew Hutson

Hutson is the author of “The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking”. I discovered the book sitting on a shelf at the library and was intrigued by the title.   But I was not sure I was committed to reading it until I scanned the second last line (quoted above) in the final chapter. Then I knew I had to read it.

Magical thinking gets me through unstable times. It is the ability to think that there are ways, albeit unknown, to bring back balance. We have all been made aware that “life is not fair” but magical thinking turns that cliché on its head. It provides us with hope and something to believe in outside of  ourselves (even if we are not sure what that is).

Hutson concludes that while magical thinking did not help him discover the meaning of life, it “refined” his thinking about how to  create meaning and how to get out of his head and “see the big picture”, all the while delighting in the “ineffable.”

Succumbing  to the indefinable, we become  more highly evolved.